Why We Built Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow was built after personally emailing over 3,000 accounting firm owners to learn how firms operate, and what was blocking their growth, or keeping them up at night.

Story after story poured in on hiring, pricing difficulties, increased competition, retaining top talent, finding new clients, adding advisory services to existing, and many more.

But the most common phrase we heard was “checklist management”.

Baffled by this phrase, certainly in the era of endless “task management apps”, we decided to dig in.

What we found was that in the age of endless project, task, and client management applications, firms were still stuck juggling checklists to track client work.

And it wasn’t because firm owners enjoyed using these spreadsheets, because the thing that kept them up was worry of client work falling through the cracks.

No, they used (and are still using) spreadsheets because task management is built for service and product sprints, not recurring client work. And popular CRM solutions are built for sales people and prospectors, not for recurring client work. 

With a firm grounding in this acute pain point of accounting and bookkeeping firm owners, we began building Jetpack Workflow. We’re deeply customer focused, and much like how our best customers put their clients first, we do the same for the firms we work with.

We show up every day to help accounting and bookkeeping firms track and automate their administrative work, so they can focus on serving their clients and their team.

How We Operate

Jetpack Workflow, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, operates under our core values of:

  • Leave It Better Than You Found It
  • Default to Action
  • Stay on Target
  • Serve with Humility
Jetpack Workflow Team Retreat, 2018

Looking to Join Our Team?

At Jetpack Workflow, our team is always growing, and if you’re excited to join a fast paced, startup environment, we’d love to talk to you. At Jetpack Workflow, your work directly impacts (and improves) the lives of our customers. From releasing new features, fixing bugs, helping new firms get setup, to writing thank you notes to customers, we’re looking for talented, hard-working individuals.

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Backed by Leading Organizations

Jetpack Workflow is proud to be back by the City of Pittsburgh, State of Pennsylvania, and 20+ industry leading angel investors and investment funds.