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Speaker 1: What’s the best way for them to reach out, connect, learn more about all of the things that you’re doing over there at the Rainmaker Companies? Angie: Sure, my email is My direct line is 615-627-1802. And my website is Speaker 1: And to give some perspective on, at a high level, what are some different facets that you help firms with? Obviously advisory, and [inaudible 00:00:34] that arm up is a portion of it, but how else do you potentially work with firms or what types of things do you help firms with?

Angie: Sure. We work with accounting firms all over the world, primarily in the U.S., on growth consulting. We do business development programs. We are the original Rainmaker Academy, so we teach business development skill sets. We have a leadership academy,and we have alliances of firms all over the world that are involved in different niches, like manufacturing, healthcare, not for profits, real estate, construction, auto dealers for example. And also an international alliance called Enterprise Worldwide where our group gets together for bets practices.

Speaker 1: Awesome, awesome. Thank you so much for joining us today. And Steve, if somebody wants to reach out, one of the books, content, I know you have a lot of things going on, a lot of places they can investigate. What’s the best place for them to connect with you or learn more about all the stuff you’re involved with? Steve:

My website is, so S-T-E-V-E-P-I-P-E dot com, and my email address is In terms of the … and I’d be delighted to take any follow-up questions from people and also to point you towards the various books and other resources that I’ve created [inaudible 00:01:56]. And, in fact, even more interestingly, my most recent book this year was the World’s Most Inspiring Accounts, and you’ll find detail of that on my website. But I’m currently researching the next book in the series, which is called the World’s Best Accountancy Practices, and I would invite anybody who’s watching this that would like to feature in that book, the World’s Best Accountancy Practices, to contact me via

Now Where’s This Yellow Book looks at case studies of how accountants have made a profound difference to their clients. In other words, it’s excellence in the service that we deliver to our clients. The next book in the series, the World’s Best Accountancy Practices, will be looking at the practices that accountants use. In other words, the tactics, the strategies, the tools, the things that accountants do to make their firms more successful. And it will feature 50, 60, 70 case studies of accounting firms from across the world that are getting great results, and it will explain how they’re getting those great results by telling their stories, their case studies. That’s always the approach in my research. So if anybody wants to feature in that book, and of course the value of featuring in that book would be that you can then say we are officially as featured in the book, the World’s Best Accountancy Practices, which has a real marketing kudos to it and probably solves your credibility issues in terms of [inaudible 00:03:15] advisory services in one fell swoop without even writing a book. So the website’s

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