Stuck at Home? Five Cloud-Based Apps to Improve Your Accounting Business from Anywhere

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We’re thankful for technology around here, especially in this trying time with COVID-19 going around the world. If it weren’t for apps and the internet, we’d be stuck in the dark ages of filing paper by hand. The best thing about technology is that it keeps getting better and better. Features that are only found… Read more »

BONUS: Will “BigBox Tax” survive COVID-19? & Other Undercover Discoveries

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20200403 David Cristello secret dark

Today we’re revealing a secret project we did at Jetpack Workflow to see what we could learn from the big boys of the retail accounting world. Someone in our community was a recent customer service professional in 2019 and a tax preparer in 2020. We’ll call them “Sam.” We will reveal what we learned about… Read more »

Making A Multi-Million Generating Firm In Half A Workweek

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Michael Ly returns to Jetpack Workflow to chat with David Cristello about how quickly his cloud-based accounting firm, Reconciled, has grown in the last couple of years. He’s managed to double the size of his company every year, and he plans to continue that trend. Even though Reconciled is a multiple-seven-figure business, and it’s growing… Read more »

Why You Need To Start Niching This Year For Riches Three Years From Now

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On this week’s Grow Your Firm podcast, we’re talking with Hugh Duffy. Hugh is the Chief Marketing Officer of Build Your Firm, a marketing agency that focuses on accountants and CPAs in North America. He’s also the host of the podcast “Accounting Marketing Doesn’t Suck” and is the founder of the Dental Accounting Association. Our… Read more »

Listen to this Interview Before You Outsource Accounting Work

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One of the challenges firms face when they grow is acquiring new staff to help out. But finding local staff can be a much bigger challenge than you think, which can make the idea of outsourcing accounting work to another country attractive. While it can be much cheaper to outsource the accounting work to another… Read more »

Getting Your Content Noticed In The Marketplace

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On this week’s Growing Your Firm podcast, we’re speaking with Katie Thomas, CPA. Katie is the founder of Leaders Online, a digital marketing agency that helps professional service providers stand out online and grow their companies. She wants to share some basics about marketing your firm that are usable for anyone, including us accountants who… Read more »

How To Add VITALity To Your Firm

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Accountants usually aren’t blessed with sales and marketing skills. They have to learn them. That’s what Amanda C. Watts does. She gives accounting firms the superpowers they need to reach the next level, and she is our guest on this week’s Grow Your Firm podcast. She’s a speaker, entrepreneur, Amazon best-seller and the author of… Read more »