Release August 30th (Billing Model, QBO updates)

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Welcome to the latest release notes! In Jetpack Workflow, you can now: Single client mapping for our QBO integration  Sign up / sign in via Intuit  (Non QBO) You can now adjust the billing model to Staff Hourly, Service Hourly, Fixed, or Comp fees.  Update Billing Model: Under the Jobs Foundation page, you can now… Read more »

2017 Tax Return Deadline & Due Dates (Updated)

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2017 Tax Return Due Dates

 When reviewing the 2016 tax dates (due in 2017), it’s important to keep in mind some critical changes to the 2017 tax due dates. Please review the information below, however, it’s always recommend to check the IRS website for the most up to date information on tax due dates. Updates: Tuesday, January 31: Up until… Read more »

Pricing Update Email

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Jetpack Workflow: Pricing Update Email Announcement I wanted to send over a note to let you know that we’re raising prices in the beginning of September. Your first question might be “How can I potentially access the early pricing?” What you can do to reserve early pricing today (ie: not pay more) The price increase will only impact firms that… Read more »

Release notes: Billing Model, Timer, Client documents, and more!

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Welcome to the latest release notes! In Jetpack Workflow, you can now: Configurable default whether timer is billable QuickBooks Online integration improvements (time import updates) Document upload associated with clients Default Time Entry … Billable vs Non Billable   Under “Settings” (scroll down to the bottom of the screen) you can now set the default… Read more »

Top Communication Apps for Accounting Firms

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  Looking for Top Communication Apps for Accounting Firms? In today’s world, most companies are moving away from the structured 9 to 5, Monday to Friday workweek and allowing their employees to have a more flexible workplace. Though these options work well for team motivation, when you have employees working off site, trying to build… Read more »

Jetpack Workflow Case Study

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Firm: LWS Tax & Accounting Firm size: 8 People, 2,000+ clients Service Category: Tax, Payroll, Bookkeeping Pain Points: Growing firm means additional due date tracking, and was manually updating spreadsheets (time-consuming) and was prone to letting client work fall through the cracks. When we first started with Blake at LWS Tax, his system was cobbled… Read more »

Double Your Bookkeeping Revenue by Cutting 30% of Your Clients & How to Hire the Perfect Partners [Case Study]

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  Ingrid Edstrom’s first question when making a new hire: “Are you offended by F­bombs?” Not what you normally hear in an interview as a bookkeeper. But questions like this actually saved Ingrid’s business in 2013 & 2014 once she realized: ­ Exactly how to hire the right partners. ­ Plus, how to work ONLY… Read more »

How One Quickbooks Pro Advisor Revamped The Billable Hour

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Debbie Kilsheimer, Owner of Behind the Scenes Financial Services, will tell you right away that accounting work is all about optimizing your time with your clients. By focusing on delivering the quality over the quantity of your time, you can show your clients how they too can win in their business. This is how Debbie,… Read more »