How To Generate 3-5 Free Accounting Consultations From Every Networking Event

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The Game Is Changing, But The Basics Are Still King Nowadays, the game has changed. People are using website, social media, and internet advertising to generate new client consultations and close new deals. But what about conferences and networking events? Are they still worth it? HECK YES! But let’s preface that by saying a few… Read more »

How to Implement Value Pricing, Why This Owner Wants to Change The Industry, and More

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For this month’s Interview Spotlight, we’re excited to highlight our interview with Jason Blumer, Chief Innovation Officer at Blumer and Associates and Founder of Thriveal CPA’s. As most of you probably know, Jason wants to disrupt our industry. Through his work, he puts into place strategic, creative initiatives for accounting practices and does the things… Read more »

Experienced Software Developer

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Small to medium sized accounting firms use Jetpack Workflow to manage their customers, their recurring projects, and their unique workflows. We provide free trials, so go try it out! We are an early stage startup, formerly of AlphaLab. And now we are looking for a software developer to join our growing team in our East… Read more »

Engagement Management Software for Accountants & CPA’s

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Finding the right Engagement Management Software can be challenging, so in this post we’re going to cover important questions when researching a software that is a good fit for your firm or practice. Questions to think about when selecting engagement management software When you’re beginning your search for the right engagement management software, it’s important to… Read more »

How (and Why) You Should Intentionally Work with Fewer Clients

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  We all desire to serve our clients in better ways.  In implementing high impact strategies, we can add great depth to the client relationship while growing the business.  This week’s guest is Steve Pipe, Founder of ImproveYourPractice, and we dive into how to deliver proactive value to your clients, charge premium fees, and right-size… Read more »