6 Ways to Include Project Management Software for Accountants in Your Office Renovation

Everyone who has owned a business for any period of time gets the urge to renovate the office at some point or another. It might be that you’re expanding your business or you simply want to update the furniture and technology. Project management software for accountants can help you make this entire process go more smoothly as well as keep the office running in a much more efficient manner once the renovation is complete. Take the opportunity to streamline your firm and get everyone on board with something new.
  1. Boost Morale
Some new furniture and updated computers might be a great way to boost morale in the office but you can step it up another notch by including project management software for accountants. Make every day easier and more organized and give your accountants the perfect tool to work as a team. Watch your client satisfaction rate soar, as every member of your firm is happier with the way things are done.
  1. Streamline Your Contact Lists
Close out accounts that are no longer relevant and bring back the clients who don’t come in as often as they used to. Your new software will allow you to import all of your client lists, giving you an easily searchable database and comprehensive reports. You’ll be able to see the state of each account with the click of a mouse and better understand how to give each client exactly what they need.
  1. Reward Top Earners
A sense of friendly competition can be good for any office environment. Use the reports generated by your project management software for accountants to find out who your top earners are and who is bringing in clients that continue to come back. Small rewards give the people in your office something to aspire to and people they can look up to in order to do better.
  1. Train Effectively
Renovating the office is a great time to introduce new software because, as the office is getting redone, you can take the time to train employees effectively. Hold a seminar with everyone, including extra help for anyone that needs it and show them all the features of the new system. Use the time that the office is on hold during renovation to let your accountants get used to the way things will work when it’s finished.
  1. Clean Up Excess Waste
Files and papers can pile up in any office easily. Your project management software for accountants allows you to get rid of most of that paper and keep your records on a secure cloud. Clean up this excess waste during renovation and you’ll find that you have even more space than you imagined. When you re-open, you could have a new lounge for employees, a bigger conference room, more office space for an expansion, or any other function that you’ve always wanted and thought you couldn’t have.
  1. Revamp Your Website
Renovating the physical office should also mean revamping your website so the new look online matches the new look when clients step into your offices. Your new software can help you stay up to date on new blog posts, social media advertising, and all kinds of other connections to your clients. Keep in touch, keep new clients coming back, and show everyone that your renovation reaches new heights for your business. Reminders and task lists within your software make this possible.Learn Your Software Before you introduce new project management software for accountants to your office, make sure that you know the software yourself. Familiarize yourself with all of the features and modules so you can teach others to use it the right way. Learn about how it works, troubleshooting, and anything else that you might need technical help with and you’ll be able to set up a team that helps the new system run smoothly once it’s implemented. All that will be left to do is enjoy the organized and streamlined way that your office runs once the renovation is complete.

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