Canopy Practice Management Review & Alternative

Overall rating: 2.8/5

Canopy labels itself as a “practice management software” for accounting firms. The feature set includes the typical project management and document tools, but also includes things like a CRM and some communication capabilities.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Canopy.

Ease of Setup: 3/5

Canopy creates a migration environment, with detailed explanations to transfer files from a number of different accounting programs. In addition to this, they also have a migration team ready to help any firm implementing their tools. There is also a knowledge base and set of tutorials for users.

Day-to-day: 4/5

The day-to-day ease of use seems to be one of the benefits of Canopy, with users giving it a 4/5. That said, one complaint from many reviewers is that the tasks feature seems a bit clunky.

Features: 4/5

  • Built-in CRM: Customer relationship management deals with both new leads and current customers. Combining the marketing/sales with workflow makes a built-in CRM unique.
  • Email sync, to see mail in the app: The inbox, amiright? Canopy delivers them within the app to reduce the amount of tab-juggling.
  • Client portal: Give your clients a login and set what they see. Handle deliverables and better manage communication in the app.

Customer service: 2/5

One of the easiest support numbers to find, directly in their top menu. Although, it seems there is no chat option or support email.

  • Helpful Resources: A nice amount of video tutorials (not too much or too little), a KB, and a page for product updates to help users take advantage of new features.
  • Fast Response Time: There’s a chatbot, with useful information immediately and a phone number at the top
  • Multiple Methods of Contact: Chat and phone number are prominent, but no quick email address.

Price/Cost: 1/5

Canopy offers unlimited users on all plans. However, their pricing is based on “contacts” or clients and leads in your pipeline and features. (It’s kind of like an email marketing platform’s pricing model.)

For example, if you have 100 clients and 200 leads, the plans are $134 (standard plan) and $168 (professional). It seems like the features in the professional plan are “advanced” versions of features available in the standard plan. There is also an implementation fee for new users.

Integrations: 1/5

Canopy is on Zapier (currently in Beta) and that is where you handle all integrations (no direct integrations at this time).

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Reviews: 4.5/5

Canopy has a mixed bag of reviews. Customer service seems to be an issue in several negative reviews. Although, there are a spackling of comments that say the service is great.

(Source: Capterra)


Canopy practice management and tax workflow really excels at industry specific features like their IRS transcript pull. It’s a fully feature practice management system and positions itself has a more modern PracticeCS.

The majority benefits are it checks many feature boxes and has a modern, clean user interface. The company was also recapitalized after a 40% decrease in staff, so it appears its become more stable with their product suite after shuttering its tax platform.

The big downside include the usability, setup, unclear pricing variables and recent customer support complaints.

If you’d like to pursue a more modern competitor to PracticeCS, it’s a real upgrade. However, the robustness of the platform could be overkill for many small and mid size firms, so determine which set of outcomes and objectives you need from the platform before moving forward.

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32 free accounting work templates​

32 free accounting workflow templates​

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32 free accounting workflow templates​

subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and get 32 free accounting workflow templates today!​

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