Client Management for Quickbooks Improves Connectivity with Clients

In this age of instant communication, clients expect more when it comes to connectivity and meeting (or exceeding) those expectations are an important part of client management for Quickbooks. This doesn’t simply mean staying in touch on a regular basis or sending out mailers and e-mail newsletters. These methods of communication are mostly obsolete. The new methods of maintaining connectivity mean keeping up with your clients in ways that are familiar to them. Learn how to utilize the newest trends into your CRM plan and build a better client base for your firm with more client retention than ever before.   Trends in Communication As soon as any client leaves your office, client management for accountants must begin. Accountants need to connect as soon as possible and adapt to clients that aren’t up to date with current modes of communication. Some clients might not be on social media or could hate being texted on their cellphones but for other clients it’s exactly the opposite.   One of the biggest trends in communication is personalization. Nobody wants to be part of an e-mail blast or be tagged in a social media post with 50 other people. They want to feel special and it is important to continue adapting to these needs as you learn what they are because they will change. Give them incentive or a reason to respond. Learn what kinds of things impress each person. The extra effort will be appreciated and help clients want to keep coming back.   In-Office Impressions The idea of personalization starts before the client ever sets foot inside your offices. They will usually expect a generic response with filling out forms, talking about their finances, and anything else set for that initial meeting. If you do a little research beforehand and get creative with your presentation, the client will be much more inclined to listen to what you have to say. Include a few personal touches to the first meet meeting and your client will be floored.   Every client that walks into your office for a first meeting is a potential client for you to retain so he or she will keep coming back and you can rely on their repeat business as part of your billings. Client management for accountants begins with this first experience. Make the client feel comfortable with you and everything they’re seeing as they walk through the building. Keep spaces looking professional and neat and make sure things are clean and in top shape. The little things will count so don’t let them fall between the cracks!   The Client Community One of the best ways that social media can help your firm with client management for Quickbooks is to allow your clients to communicate with each other. You can tell them a thousand times about the benefits they’ll have working with your firm or all the ways you’re better for them than someone else, but in the end, they don’t really want to hear it from you. They know that it’s your job to make your firm look good. They know that you’re always going to try and retain their business, but when they hear it from someone who’s not a representative of your firm, they’ll want to believe it.   Use the interactions between clients to foster a sense of community for them. Give them outlets for which to interact besides your social media pages. You can encourage them to talk to each other about things they might have in common or use a specific top tier group of clients as reviewers that other clients can contact with questions about what it’s like to deal with your firm.   Training and Client Retention When client management for Quickbooks becomes different in these ways for the accountants at your firm, it could lead to more client retention and managers will have to be sure to teach these methods to any new accountants as they come into the firm. Clients will expect the same from them as they get from the people already working for your firm so it’s imperative that everyone new is trained to bring in clients and retain them in the ways you’ve learned. If everyone learns to personalize and make the extra effort, then there is no end to the ways your firm will grow in the future.

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