CRM for Accountants Helps You Build a Team With Common Goals

shutterstock_341358014 Every firm needs a common goal to work toward and most of them use a mission statement to convey that to clients. However, if everyone at your firm is not on the same page, your clients won’t receive consistent service. Someone might rave about your firm to their friend and that friend could come in and get a different accountant, receive a different level of service, and be disappointment. CRM for accountants puts everyone on the same track and provides the necessary guidelines for dealing with clients efficiently and to exceed their expectations every time. What Is CRM and Why is it Important? “CRM” stands for “Client Relationship Management” and it’s the cornerstone of making your firm’s clients happy. When there are many different team members from different accounting backgrounds working for your firm, you have a diverse array of skills available to you and your clients. Effective client relationship management allows you to place each client with the right person so they get the best service possible and you can keep track of how each client is taken care of as well as by whom. Work Toward Common Goals A diverse skillset among your team members might make it easier to service several types of clients but it also gives each accountant at your firm a reason to fall into a niche. That niche can serve different clients well but it creates divergent goals among your team. Your mission statement and the party line to be towed is what your clients will believe you’re all about when they go to your website or see any literature you put out so every member of your team needs to be aware of this and cater their unique skills to this statement. Clean Up Client Relationships The clients in your firm are people you want to come back over and over and this means that you have records of your interactions with them that span many years. This can get unwieldy and even messy and when that happens you lose the information you need when you need it and you aren’t able to deliver the service your clients are used to. CRM for accountants includes upgrading your software to a program that allows you to better manage each relationship and keep records up to date on a constant basis. Building a better system helps you be more prepared for whatever comes your firm’s way and lets you have the information you need instantly. Maintain Your Mission Once you get your team members on a common track, it’s a good idea to continue reinforcing this concept in order to maintain client relationships effectively. CRM for accountants is the best way to keep your team members on this track by using software that complies with the management systems that you put in place. With the right tools, the accountants in your firm can stick to these systems with ease instead of attempting to learn new and complicated systems from which they want to stray. If you make things easy for them, you’ll make things easy for yourselves and for your clients. Positive Reinforcement During any reorganization or change, people often want to go back to the way they are comfortable doing things. In order to combat this resistance, you can provide positive reinforcement that encourages effective CRM for accountants. If you’re attempting to acclimate new partners or accountants at your firm, this positive reinforcement gives everyone what they need to unite with common goals whether they’ve been around for five days or five years. Communicate If you’ve ever played a game of “telephone” or heard an inflated celebrity rumor, you know how easily a message can be distorted. When it comes to your clients, this is not acceptable and can lead to more than just a few slip-ups. CRM for accountants allows everyone at your firm to learn the right information when they’re dealing with a client and stay on a common course without distortion. Your clients will be happier and the accountants at your firm will be able to work with more autonomy. Common goals are most effective with good communication! You’ll find very soon that these concepts lead to more new clients and more satisfied loyal clients to make your firm flourish.   unnamed

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32 free accounting work templates​

32 free accounting workflow templates

subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and get 32 free accounting workflow templates today!​