Improve Every Marketing Project With Team Management Software for Quickbooks

shutterstock_314838419Creating a marketing plan or working on a project as a team is infinitely better when everyone is on the same page and this means good communication. With all of the different ways to communicate with each other, it’s easy for messages to fall through the cracks and never reach the person they’re meant for in due time. Use team management software for Quickbooks to keep everyone on track and communicating on one platform so messages are never lost again and working a marketing plan becomes easier than ever. Check In With Your Team While it’s important to stay updated with your team while they’re working on marketing projects, you don’t want to become a nuisance to the people with whom you’re checking in. If you ask to be updated too often, your team will start to get to the impression that you don’t trust them to get the work done on time or that you don’t trust they can do it well. Team management software for Quickbooks allows you to set reminders for updates and check reports discreetly without asking your team to deliver them. This way, you’ll have peace of mind and they can have independence. Team Member Communication A marketing team needs clear roles in order for each person to play an effective part within the team. This also requires adequate communication and the tools in team management software for Quickbooks allow each team member to access the information they need when they need it. Quickbooks Online (QBO) even makes on the go access a lot simpler. This gives team members the autonomy to work within their role as well as stay in sync with everyone else on their team. Practice and Promote Marketing a new product or service requires building up the hype around the release of the product or service and there is no better way to do this than with social media. As your team is working on the marketing plan for rolling out the new product or service and they’re analyzing the way things will go financially, use social media to talk about what your team is doing without actually giving away real details. You can even post pictures and videos with the marketing team to make the whole process seem more fun for the people your marketing to as well as your team. Similar methods can be used to help your marketing team practice presentations that have to do with the marketing plan before they have to bring them to important people. You can use video reminders to motivate your team, send pictures with tags via social media and e-mail, and include fun additions with task lists and calendar events. If you give your team the right motivation, they will be able to get things done better than ever. Execute the Plan A marketing plan isn’t finished on the day it debuts. The team will also be involved in making sure that things go according to the plan. Team management software for Quickbooks allows you to set up your marketing team with everything they need to follow through while they move on to the next project. They’ll be able to keep track of the current marketing plan and never miss a beat with the next one. The right software gives your team the best ways to manage multiple projects so that you can rest assured the last one won’t be neglected while the next is being planned. Your marketing team will always be able to succeed without being overwhelmed by too much work at once. Did you know Jetpack now fully integrates team and project management with Quickbooks Online? Click here to start a free trial

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