Improve Training at Your Firm with CPA Firm Management Software for Quickbooks

shutterstock_98208425Training seminars and one on one teaching are both common and effective ways to integrate new hires effectively but there are better and more creative things you can do to make the next accountant you hire feel at home from day one. When your team feels comfortable with each other, they work better together and you have new opportunities to take on larger and more demanding accounts. CPA firm management software for Quickbooks provides resources for organizing creative methods of training so that they’ll be just as effective while engaging new hires more.   Getting Creative These ideas can be simple like throwing treats out to people who answer questions correctly at seminars or more complicated like big incentives for continuing education or games around the office that keep employees on their toes. Mentor programs can be used to foster healthy competition as mentors can compete with each other to motivate the people they’re training. You can also use games within seminars like puzzles and memory games that make people attending them want to pay more attention.   Creative training can also extend to continuing education programs within the company so that when it comes time to go over new policies or details about new clients, people will want to complete the training.   Rotate Responsibility Learning by teaching others is a great way to foster a leadership culture within your firm and give senior accountants reason to interact and teach the novices. When it comes to getting creative, CPA firm management software for Quickbooks can help senior accountants create new projects for the novices to complete. This rotates responsibilities among the people who have been around for a while and gives new hires a chance to learn from the best right from the beginning.   Letting new people learn from senior accountants helps the clients as well because no one knows them better than the people who have been working with them all along. Available software plus Quickbooks Online (QBO) allows new hires to keep learning information while shadowing senior staff without getting in the way by asking too many questions. The information can be right there for them using QBO whether they’re on the go meeting with clients or at the office.   Train Faster Using available software and QBO, it’s a lot easier to let new accountants start quickly because they can have policies, tools, and even seminars at their station or at home with them whenever they need to review. The information is easily accessible with these platforms and new hires can learn on the job and make fewer or no mistakes by being able to check their work on against company policy whenever necessary.   Integrating New Hires Mentor programs, creative training, and open source information allow new hires to integrate more smoothly but there are other things you can do to ensure that novice accountants move into your firm’s office culture from day one. Ask mentors to introduce new hires to people on their first day and encourage senior accountants to bond with novices instead of groups of new hires only talking to each other. Creative training techniques can also include bringing in senior accountants to teach parts of each training seminars so that new hires can see their faces and get to know them right from the beginning. It may even be prudent to hold a mixer or other social event when large groups of new hires are brought in to integrate them faster. In the end, you can’t force those bonds but you can certainly help them along through these creative methods. Did you know Jetpack now fully integrates CPA Firm management with Quickbooks Online? Click here to start a free trial

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