How To Choose A Practice Management Accounting Software

U.S. Individual Income Tax Return form 1040.Many accounting firms have steady business on a year round basis but even the slowest firms experience a large influx of business at tax season when individuals not in the know scramble for expert help on their tax returns. At this time, your firm may not only be dealing with individuals but also with small and large businesses and people who file their independent income taxes. These projects require quite a bit more work and attention to detail and that’s where project management software for accountants becomes crucial to your firm’s ability to stay on point during this busy time. Learn how you can utilize this system for your firm, bring in even more business, and wow your clients with better service than they’ve ever received before. Assess Your Needs Before you decide on the type of project management software for accountants that your firm needs and what is best for the people who work with you, you’ll have to learn exactly what your needs are. If your firm is small, you may be looking to expand and take advantage of the tax season to bring in new business this year or you may already have a large firm and you’re looking to concentrate more on customer service.Take a look at the projects your firm is currently working on as well as last year’s projections and see the areas where you want to improve or expand right now.Ask current loyal clients what they think you can do to improve their experience during this tax season. When you know what you need, you’ll be able to best utilize the software that you decide to employ for better project management. Knowing this also gives you a better idea how to use this software to work with the accountants at your firm. Gear Up Once you have assessed your needs, it’s time to meet them. The best way to flourish during the influx of business during tax season is to be prepared. Choose your project management software for accountants and have it installed, then educate the accountants in your firm about how to use it to best meet their and their clients’ needs. Hold a seminar to instruct the entire group about how best to use the new software so that everyone can learn and have their questions answered all at once.Provide individualized support so that people who need a little extra help or have questions after the seminar will be able to find the answers they need.Follow up with clients and employees to make sure that they are utilizing the new software in the most efficient ways. Conduct surveys, interviews, or performance reviews to get the information you need.Familiarize Yourself With Every Feature Before you educate the accountants in your firm about the software you’d like to utilize, make sure that you and any other management partners know everything about the project management software for accountants that you decide to use. Transfer your own contact list into the program, use the search function, schedule appointments with the software, and if it is possible, use a test group of a couple of accountants in your firm to test out the management features. Once you know everything about how to use your software, you’ll better be able to teach others, provide support, and give the best service possible to every client. Choose Wisely Not all project management software for accountants is created the same and after you install the software you choose and train the accountants in your firm, you’ll have a lot of issues if you decide you don’t like it and you want to switch to new software or back to your old system. Research all the features available to each kind of software you’re choosing from and weigh it against the needs you assessed earlier. JetPack Workflow offers several features that will make management and client services easier and more efficient and the accountants in your firm will be able to bring in new clients seamlessly without ever diminishing their level of service to pre-existing clients. Find out more today and learn how you can make this year’s tax season a breeze!

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