Make Your Business Travel More Productive with Workflow Software for Accountants

    iStock_000047907472_Small Expand Your Business Travel One of the hardest ways to expand your business is to travel to new clients who are far away and speak to them face to face. Travel costs money and leaving your business to go on a trip can cause you a lot of anxiety over what might happen while you’re away. With the advent of mobile technology that allows you to speak to people face to face through video conference, this idea seems obsolete but it’s not. When you look someone in the eye in person, shake their hand, and take them to dinner to talk about your business together, they’re much more likely to remember you than if they stare at yet another screen to make contact. Use workflow software for accountants to keep an eye on things at home (or at other branches of your business….think big!) while you imprint your face and personality on your clients to make a lasting and positive impression.
  1. Why Bother?
Although the idea of having real contact with your clients is enticing, you might still be wondering if it’s really worth the time, money, and effort to travel for business when you can use mobile tools to do many of the same things. This is not a stupid question and the answer is simple: knowledge about your clients is always valuable. You can learn about the kinds of places they like to go, their families, friends, and how their business interacts with all of these things through a real conversation. Your attitude and positivity will have an effect on them in ways that are lost over the phone or through a screen.
  1. Use Your Website
You may not have clients that offer opportunities for travel and expansion yet and that’s an easy issue to resolve. Workflow software for accountants can help you drive more traffic to your website and your firm by creating projects and task lists for your employees that make things happen on time and with efficiency. Social media is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to advertise your firm but it takes a little work and constant content. Use reminders and track progress to ensure that the necessary actions are carried out and your internet presence is solid.
  1. Keep in Touch
Administration does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Convert your client files to the managers in your workflow software for accountants and you’ll always have the information you need without needing to come back for a file or having to ask someone to e-mail you. You won’t have to rely on others to get you the information you need when you need it and you’ll save a lot of space in the office when you get rid of the paper files.
  1. Create a Clear Itinerary
Business travel can be a lot of fun and if you plan things right, you’ll be able to leave yourself a little time to enjoy the sites or treat yourself to a nice meal. Your workflow software for accountants gives you the tools to keep your calendar in sync with everyone else’s and up to date. You can set reminders to call or e-mail partners or employees at the firm back home to ensure things are going smoothly. These are the tools that give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip.
  1. Get More Done On The Go
There are applications, cloud storage options, and all kinds of other mobile platforms that help you work wherever you happen to be. Workflow software for accountants keeps the information, reports and everything else you need right at your fingertips. By taking your business mobile, you allow yourself more opportunities to be mobile as well.  Build Your Client Lists When you travel for business, you’ll also be given opportunities to meet friends of your clients that also need the services that your firm offers. Use your workflow software for accountants to add their information and get someone working on their account right away. You can scan in documents instead of having to make copies and utilize cloud storage to let the accountant you assign to that client work for them faster than ever. These people will see how easy it is to switch to your firm and tell others of the impeccable service they receive, building your client lists and your business exponentially.

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