Busy Season Relief Tip: Screencast Software

Whether it's busy season or not, client communication lies at the heart of amazing client service. And we know the benefit of client service (increased retention, potentially purchases more services, referrals, etc) Whether it's a simple question or preparation for an in-depth meeting, there's been one tool that we constantly get asked about... Snagit-home-record-screen-video

Screen capturing software

If you find yourself stuck in the inbox all day, or writing long winded emails to only find clients saying "I don't understand" A video library (or a simple screenshare video) will increase communication clarity, as well as client servicing! Here's an example: Let's say a client has issues working inside of Quickbooks, and you tried to explain over the phone how to resolve a specific problem, but they are still not "getting it". This leaves both you and the client frustrated (technology is great... except when it's not working!) When this happens, I recommend investing in simple screen-sharing tools. Below is a list of tools we recommend and use (or have used). Some are free, some require a small fee, but anything is better than nothing. Below are my recommendations:


My personal favorite, Snagit is *the most used application* in our company. In fact, I typically replace long winded, instructional emails with a simple link to a private Youtube video (which you can upload directly from snagit). In addition to the simple screen capture function, Snagit also allows you to take a "picture" of the screen, and then draw arrows, add text, additional images, shapes, and just about anything else you'd like to include. They have a free, 30-day trial, then it's $50.00 for the download. I highly recommend Snagit.


Jing, like Snagit (and even Camtasia) are all owned by the same company. The difference between each is the level of functionality you get. Jing is free, Snagit is the upgrade, and Camtasia is for advanced recording. I frequently switch between Jing and Snagit, but never felt the need to upgrade to something as advanced as Camtastia since Jing is a great (free) option to record video and screenshots. Like Snagit, it allows you to edit images as well, and you can upload Jing files straight to their video hosting service. The only downfall is that their video hosting service has a limited amount of space (unlike Youtube), which I why I typically stay with Snagit.


If, for whatever reason, you want something outside of the TechSmith family of products (Snagit, Jing, Camtasia), recordit is a good alternative, and very much has the look and feel of a "Jing" product. Recordit is free to use, although the company frequently updates the product, which has caused some issues with us using it in the past. I do feel like they will figure it out, but we've since stop using Recordit and solely rely on Snagit (main tool) and occasionally Jing (when we don't want to upload to Youtube... typically for videos under 15 seconds)


The most advanced product in the TechSmith family, this one has advanced screen recording options (around editing). So if you're looking for an advanced editing option, Camtasia is the best bet for you. Typically used by online course creators, Camtasia could also be a good pick if you're looking for "best of" in terms of screen-capturing software. So which one will you choose? Comment below

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