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Small to medium sized accounting firms use Jetpack Workflow to manage their customers, their recurring projects, and their unique workflows. We provide free trials, so go try it out! We are an early stage startup, formerly of AlphaLab. And now we are looking for a software developer to join our growing team in our East Liberty office! As a company, we...
  • Serve our customers through hard work and relentless execution.
  • Aren’t perfect. We trust each other to make the best decisions with the information available at the time.
  • Improve incrementally. Our application, our code, our processes, our team, our teammates, our company, our community, and most importantly ourselves. We leave everything we touch better than we found it.
  • Believe in iteration. Build the best, but simplest, solution to solve the customer’s problems.
  • Don’t just value feedback, we expect it. We owe it to each other to share our praise and our constructive critiques.
  • Take ownership. We are each responsible for the outcomes of our team and are empowered to step up, regardless of our role, to do what needs to be done.
Our software is written in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. We manage work and review all code through GitHub. CircleCI provides our continuous integration. We deploy our servers on Digital Ocean using Ansible. We are looking for someone with experience in some of our stack and that is willing to learn the rest. Since we are such a small team, there is lots of opportunity to practice, learn, and grow in everything from feature definition to dev ops. As developers, we work very closely to our customers; software written today will be in their hands tomorrow. We have the best customers and they are always generous with their feedback. We can also offer
  • Market Salary
  • Equity
  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Benefits
  • Flexible vacation
If you'd like to apply, shoot us an email! Include any information, links or attachments you think best describe yourself and your background. Hope to hear from you soon! Jess VP of Engineering jess@jetpackworkflow.com If you’d just like to know more about Jetpack Workflow or the position, feel free to email or contact me through any of the methods below.

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