Use Due Date Tracking Software to Manage Your Next Production

iStock_000051359504_SmallThe life of a film producer is a different kind of business than one that runs from an office. A producer, director, or other type of production manager has to do all the jobs of a business owner but usually on the move. They have to shine at meetings, be a professional, and be able to hang with the cast and crew during those long days of shooting. Due date tracking software can help you as a producer become a better business and stay on schedule to get your next production ready for an audience on time and with a seamless flow.
  1. Clear Job Descriptions
In a previous blog about using project management for bookkeepers to enjoy a more fluid operation, we talked about creating clear roles. This is even more important when running a film production on a set where one person might be taking on several roles, especially if you’re on a tight budget. When you’re using due date tracking software, you’ll need to set dates, times, and task lists for each job. If someone has more than one role, you can simply assign them more than one list and they’ll be able to better understand their duties as well as the time constraints that involve each one.
  1. Communicate Your Goals
The thoughts you have about your production need to be conveyed to your cast and crew to keep everyone on the same page. Your software provides a uniform platform that lets you communicate what you need and anything that changes without worrying that someone gets your voicemail or e-mail. You’ll be able to track whether or not they received the message and prompt a response for confirmation.
  1. Keep Expense Reports Up to Date
Every kind of production will have a budget that you have to keep track of and due date tracking software gives you the tools to ensure that all of the reports you need are handed in on time. As your production goes on, the people in charge of various tasks will have to be responsible for using your money and if they use too much of it too soon, you won’t have enough to finish the production. Set reminders along with your task lists and the people working with you will know to send in expense reports as they complete each piece of the puzzle.
  1. Prepare for Incidentals
The clients you work for in film production don’t always have a definitive idea of what they want. They may change their minds as they see the daily progress you make and you’ll have to adjust your budget and set new goals for your cast and crew. Due date tracking software helps you to give your people the right tools to get moving when changes occur and have to be completed quickly. Other incidentals could include accidents, equipment malfunction, and any number of things that are difficult to predict. You can use your software to prepare for as much as possible and keep the stress levels low among everyone working on your sets.
  1. Don’t Forget You’re Running a Business
Working in film production is incredibly fun and it’s easy to get lost in the movie magic and forget you’re running a business. Due date tracking software keeps you on point and gives you the organization that is necessary to run a successful business. You can enjoy your job a lot more when you don’t have to worry about everyone doing their part in the time allotted. Stay Focused Due date tracking software is an excellent tool for production management but it’s not the only thing you need for things to run smoothly. Remember to assign task lists and due dates to yourself and utilize everything that’s available to you for putting together a flawless production. Your cast and crew will look to you first to see what’s next and how they should complete their own tasks so set a good example and give them another reason to live up to the high standards you hope to achieve.

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