What is Aero Workflow? Our Review

In this post, we'll walk through a high level review of Aero Workflow (https://www.aeroworkflow.com), which covers the core features, pricing, and information on the application. AERO_logoBlueWM-LG Aero workflow is a workflow management application for accounting firms, originally launched via it's integration with MethodCRM, but then released as a standalone platform shortly thereafter. When evaluating any workflow application, whether as a CPA, accounting firm owner, or bookkeeper, it's critically to map out the pain / scenario that you want to solve. For example:
  • Team members never know what to work on
  • Work is delayed because a team member didn't see a message or respond
  • Client work is falling through the cracks and you want better, high level tracking
  • You want to increase billable time, etc
Once you have your workflow goals, you can connect with various application providers to see how they solve that pain point. Without this, you'll be stuck in "Feature Mountain", in which features are endlessly compared, even though they are not all used! For example, if you have a prospect come into your firm, and the only thing they needed was monthly bookkeeping and payroll, but they didn't work with you because you didn't provide non profit tax advisory services. This rarely happens, and when it does, I'm sure it's bizarre. The same is true for reviewing workflow applications as well. Always start with the scenario you want to solve.

Aero Workflow Features:

Inside of Aero Workflow, you'll find the core feature set for running your firm, which includes:

Aero Workflow Pricing:

Aero workflow has multiple pricing options, depending on the size of firm (number of users) or amount of data you need to store. Pricing starts at $39/mo, and scale up with your organization. You can add premium workflow content for an additional $40/mo.

Aero Workflows Premium content library

Aero workflow also has a workflow content library as an add on option. If you prefer to have a standard set of workflow options, you can add theirs for $40/mo. With any review, it's important to test drive the application, and for the most up to date prices and feature, you need to review the website at aeroworkflow.com      

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32 free accounting workflow templates​

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32 free accounting workflow templates​

subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and get 32 free accounting workflow templates today!​

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32 free accounting work templates​