4 Surprising Tactics This Owner Used to Learn How to Build a Referral Based CPA Firm

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Today we’re excited to release our interview with Michelle Long where we dive into how to build a referral based cpa firm! She’s an established author (five books and counting!), sought after speaker, Founder of Long For Success LLC and Co-host of the Ultimate Accounting Vcon. In this interview you’ll learn: 1. How Michelle was… Read more »

How To Create a Sellable Accounting Firm: The Sandi Holst Interview

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Sandi Holst interview

We are excited to release our interview with Sandi Holst, the President of Fiscal Integrity Group.  In this interview, we dive into how to gain clients rapidly through referrals and how to create an instant “WOW” factor that allows you to create a sellable accounting firm. In this interview, we chat with Sandi Holst on… Read more »

The “New” Rules of Marketing for Accounting Professionals

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Are you stuck wondering why marketing dollars are no longer working? And while I would never dismiss a marketing campaign without testing, there are some fundamental differences in marketing today.   Thank you to Steve Pipe posting this. Original poster TBD So much of this poster sounds fantastic, but let’s break down what each rule means:… Read more »

2 simple techniques to get more referrals for accountants and bookkeepers

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Oh referrals… The bread basket and key lead generation method for so many of us. Yet, even though most rely over 80% of their marketing efforts on referrals, are you doing enough to systemically build them in your business? Here’s two simple techniques you can literally implement today. Will they immediately generate referrals? Maybe…(they’ve worked… Read more »