3 Steps to a More Efficient Accounting Firm

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For thousands of years, humans have dreamed of getting work done without requiring humans to do the work. This is the basic principle behind automation; it’s getting work done with little-to-no human intervention. We’ve been achieving for as long as we’ve been trying. Automation often sounds like the best solution for any inefficient process in… Read more »

10 Business-Changing Lessons We Learned From the Cloud Accounting Summit

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We had an amazing time hosting the first ever virtual Cloud Accounting Summit. Not only did we learn a ton about how to run a virtual summit, but we also gained some valuable information from the guest speakers who made the event a success. Full summit replay Top 10 Takeaways from the Cloud Accounting Summit… Read more »

Use These Productivity Tips to Improve Work From the Start

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No firm owner wants to feel like their business isn’t as productive as it could be, but how do you increase productivity at work without overworking yourself or your employees? That’s what we’ll investigate in this piece. Here are some work productivity tips that will teach you how to be more productive at work. What… Read more »

Krishna Pendyala on How to Avoid Burnout in 2020

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Firm owners trying to adjust to recent challenges need to take a moment to understand and manage their psychology during this time. In today’s Growing Your Firm podcast, we interviewed one of David’s mentors, Krishna Pendyala. Krishna is an expert on the art and science of human judgment and choice making. His pioneering work on… Read more »

Remote Work Tactics Your Firm Needs Today, Next Week, and In a Month

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Today’s guest is Liam McIvor Martin. Liam has been leading the charge on remote working for the past decade by bringing together the top experts in the field on remote work through Running Remote conferences. He is the co-organizer behind Running Remote and co-founder behind Staff.com and Timing Doctor. With nationwide stay-at-home orders in effect,… Read more »

5 Steps to Better Team Collaboration in Your Firm

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Team Collaboration

“My team collaboration couldn’t be any better; it’s perfect!” – No One Ever. Ok, so we might be tempted to say that because we really like each other and truly work well together. But there’s always room for improvement. Even the smartest and most educated teams with endless resources may not be great collaborators.  So… Read more »