[Double Your Firm Book] Ch.1: Increasing Workflow Efficiency and Staff Capacity

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workflow efficiency

We’re going to be doing something different in the coming weeks. We will be going through our best-selling book, Double Your Accounting Firm, which is available now on Amazon. Each week going forward, we will tackle a new chapter of the book. You will have the opportunity to listen to each chapter on the podcast for… Read more »

Workflow Basics for the Accounting Firm

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Workflow Basics for the Accounting Firm

Overlooked, underdeveloped, yet when growing your business, workflow is the foundation on which success is built. It sounds basic and maybe even simple, yet when growing your business, your firm is not fit to grow unless you have the workflow in good order. With each success and each milestone, your business grows. Referrals pour in,… Read more »

How This CPA Owner Earned an “Extra Week of Vacation” with One Tool

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jetpack workflow

I don’t normally do this… But, recently, I got on the phone with a new user of Jetpack Workflow. His name is Tom Kneeland, he is the Founder and President of Kneeland CPA. After speaking with him…I realized he managed to squeeze out an “extra week of vacation” using Jetpack Workflow. Let me explain. Tom’s… Read more »

How to Improve Workflow Management for Accounting Firms

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Increasing your Workflow Efficiency to Increase Capacity This chapter preview comes from the Double Your Accounting Firm book  (Amazon) Sam started his practice ten years ago. He worked “typical” 80-hour weeks to build his dream firm. He hired a dozen workers spread out between CPA practitioners and administrative staff. His firm grew and referrals came… Read more »