The Blueprint to Help You Grow Your Firm

Growing Your Firm Mastery gives you the blueprint of proven
tactics and strategies on growing your Accounting firm.

Grow Your Accounting Firm Mastery Course
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Why should you listen to me?

I’m David Cristello. I spent the last two years building the #1 recurring client application for Accountants called Jetpack Workflow.

After speaking and working with over 1,500 CPA firm owners, I got a good handle on how to build an Accounting lead generation machine.

Therefore, I decided it was time to publish this knowledge and built this document to specifically show you how to market and build your CPA firm.

If you are willing to do the necessary steps to begin building your firm, this book will drastically shorten your learning curve.

David has worked with thousands of CPA firms to not only help them organize their internal workflow, but grow.

The information in this course is essential if you're committed to growing your firm consistently in the coming years.

And with the guarantee, there is literally no risk!

Amanda, CPA

What's inside?

Grow Your Firm Mastery Course

Table of Contents

Module 1.1 Client Relationships Overview

Module 1.2 Client Relationships Implementation Guide

Module 1.3 Client Relationships Resources

Module 2.1 Pricing Overview

Module 2.2 Pricing Implementation Guide

Module 2.3 Pricing Resources

Module 3.1 Firm Management Overview

Module 3.2 Firm Management Implementation Guide

Module 3.3 Firm Management Resources

Module 4.1 Profit Centers Overview

Module 4.2 Profit Centers Implementation Guide

Module 4.3 Profit Centers Resources

Module 5.1 Team Management Overview

Module 5.2 Team Management Implementation Guide

Module 5.3 Team Management Resources

Module 6.1 Workflow & Process Overview

Module 6.2 Workflow & Process Implementation Guide

Module 6.3 Workflow & Process Resources

Module 7.1 Marketing Overview

Module 7.2 Marketing Implementation Guide

Module 7.3 Marketing Resources

BONUS Module: Buying A Firm Checklist

Are you a founder? Do you work in a small CPA Firm? I know you're busy.

You want actionable advice.

Things you can implement into your business right now that will make a measurable difference:

  • Client relationship implementation template
  • Diving into the depths of firm management and what you can implement today to significantly increase your firm’s moral.
  • Things to digest and question when acquiring another CPA firm
  • Resources you can use to build your current client relationships
  • How clients move through your firm workflow design
  • 47 lead and marketing strategies you can start utilizing today to grow your potential leads
  • Marketing implementation worksheet
  • Everything you need to know about how to price your firm
  • How to raise prices for your current clients without losing their business
  • Profit center resources every firm needs to have in their arsenal
  • Team management implementation template
  • How to utilize your team to grow your firm
  • Workflow process template to save your team time
  • How to apply Lean Six Sigma to your firm
  • Plus 33 other key tips and tricks to help grow your CPA firm

This course is filled with specific and detailed advice, rather than general fluffy ideas and concepts.

90 Day Tripl Guarantee

If for any reason you want a refund, just send my team an email ( within 90 days of purchase. You’ll get your money back within 7 days.

Guarantee #1: Results

If you are not making more sales and closing more deals after using the information in this book, simply send my team an email ( and request a refund. We’ll return your money, no hard feelings – and we’re still glad to hear from you. And you can still keep the book and use it as much as you like. So you really have nothing to lose.

Guarantee #2: I’ll make it work

If you’re running into problems when implementing my strategies, you can get on the phone with me for a personal consultation. You get 30 minutes of my time, totally free of charge. (Limited offer)

Guarantee #3: Super Simple

If for whatever reason you want a refund (heck, even if it’s to buy a couple more ads to drive traffic to your lead capture page”), just let my team know within 90 days after purchase. You’ll get your refund issued within 7 days.

Growing Your Accounting Firm Master Course

Order now and get Mastery Course on Growing Your Firm that dives deeper into the following areas of your business:

  • Marketing For Accountants
  • Lead Generation Toolkit
  • Team Management Portal
  • Client Relationships
  • Pricing Your Business
  • Profit Centers To Implement
  • Team Management Tips
  • Workflow & Process Management
  • Acquisition of A CPA Firm
  • Overall Firm Management Toolkit

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+BONUS: Thinking of buying another firm one day? Get this bonus "Buying A Firm Checklist"!

Jetpack Workflow App 2 Free Months