How can the CPA audience follow up with you and your accounting firm

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David: If somebody wants to follow up and learn more, there might even be somebody in Boston that says hey, I’m a tax accountant, they might want to reach out, whatever the case may be, or they all have questions, content that they want to read that maybe you’ve put out there, whatever it may be. What is the best way for them to follow up or reach out, learn more about all the things that you’re working on and doing over there?

Steven: They can always reach out, and email,, is our website as well, you can find out our contact information on there. Welcome any feedback, any questions and comments, but it’s been a pleasure David. I appreciate you putting this all together.

Yeah, absolutely, and again, I say this every panel, because I never know who’s coming in and out, is if you’re mobile in any way and can’t write down this information, we’re gonna follow-up with Steven’s information, so if you have questions or anything like that, you can always reach out to him. I think a profit setter is a really exciting place to explore in a variety of ways, in-house, referral partners, whatever it may be. Steven thanks so much for coming on, and I look forward to following up soon.

Steven: My pleasure. Thanks David. David: Yeah, absolutely.

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