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In this article, we’re going to review the difference between Jetpack Workflow vs Karbon.

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Both tools are built for accounting firms, and while there are similarities between the tool, there are also important differences between the two products.

Note: It’s important to state that a single tool will not be the right tool for ALL firms, so it’s important to review the items below, and start a free trial.


A common question is price, so we can start there! As accounting professionals, price and ROI is very important when reviewing a new tool.

First off, both come with a single price, based on user, without setup or extra charges

Karbon: $70/month per user, or $588/year ($49/mo pre paid) per user

Jetpack Workflow: $40/month per user, or $360/year ($30/mo pre paid) per user

As mentioned, both products are “everything included’ outside of the per user. Jetpack also includes unlimited document management storage as well.

Training and Setup

Both companies offer support and setup assistance for free (both during the free trial and afterwards). If you need assistance with setup, 1-1 or team training, it’s important to review/ask Jetpack Workflow and Karbon HQ for any additional support options. With Jetpack Workflow, each paid account is assign a workflow success manager as well, to assist with any setup items (clients, template creation, etc). As always, we recommend reaching out to both.


This is arguably the second most requested item… what features do you have!

Do you have timers? Client notes? Recurring work? Reporting? Tracking? Collaboration ? Emails? And so much more.

Both products are feature rich, with some unique differences (note: products are changing constantly, new designs, new features, and so much more, so it’s important to check on the latest updates.)

At a high level, here’s a few distinct feature differences:

Jetpack Workflow: Can track metrics (budgeted time, turnaround time and profit). Can setup task dependencies to trigger new stages/phases of work between team members. All full “jobs” view you can create reports from. Capacity planning. A workflow library, job calendar, timer and timesheet, QBO client/time and billing entry, etc.  Jetpack also has the “Jobs” tab, which can give you a complete work review (and run reports) of all client work, across team members, categories, statuses, and more.

Karbon: Their “Triage” email management, where all emails associated with an account go into a single source, which is then parsed out. Their email integration pull in these messages, and from our understanding, messages sent out also sync with the inbox. Karbon also has a visual Kanban approach to work management (similar to that of, which can help team members visual work (similar to calendar, but in different formats).

When it comes to features, the best product is the one you’ll use and setup on, so of course, content with the team, and start a trial

Roadmap, Free Trials, etc

While the roadmap is rarely public (and even when it is, it can still often change), so it’s important to look at free trials (Jetpack can be found at, Karbon you have to contact their team).

Of course, if you have experience with either, feel free to comment below. The world of technology for accountants is ever changing, so if you have a tool that is neither Karbon or Jetpack Workflow, please feel free to let us know!

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