Pascal Workflow

Workflow as a Pain Point

As cited recently by Accounting Today, workflow for accountants can be a challenging topic. We here at Jetpack Workflow devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the solving workflow problems for the accounting industry.

In case you didn’t know it already, your workflow is your product. It’s the the service you’re selling to your customers. You don’t have a physical product to sell. Instead, you take data, work on it, and return it to the customer. You’re a knowledge worker, pure and simple.

As a result, you’re selling a service and your workflow is the heart of your business. If it’s inefficient and bad, your end product you return to the customer is going to be subpar and poor. You need to be intentional about ensuring quality product is returned to your customers to ensure you stay in business for the long haul and are as profitable as possible.

This is where workflow softwares enter the equation to help! One of the latest applications and companies to take on the workflow problem is Pascal Workflow.

This article talks about Pascal Workflow’s ability to help solve your problem.


Pascal Workflow was launched in 2017. Started by Eric Meury, Pascal Workflow is a solution that is aimed to help accounting professionals track and manage client work.

Eric was actually a subscriber of Jetpack Workflow when the idea for Pascal came to him!

Currently, there are no recent or historical releases listed on their website’s product update link.

There are also no future webinars scheduled to attend.

As a result, we here at Jetpack Workflow are uncertain as to the state of the business. Let us know if you know what’s up!

What Do You Want In A Workflow Software?

As with any workflow solution (whether it’s Pascal Workflow or Office Tools Pro or Jetpack Workflow or anything), it’s important to identify which solution can best fit your firm.

This means you need to examine your firm’s’ unique wants and needs in a workflow software. Here are some questions to consider if a particular workflow software will be right for you:

  • How important is workflow to our firm?
  • What’s our budget?
  • How will we handle training?
  • What’s the technology proficiency level of my team?
  • What is the timeframe we want to have this software up and running?
  • Will we need a lot of support?
  • How important is help in the decision making process?
  • What are the “must have” features for our firm?
  • How important are updates to the software?

No one can answer these questions for you. In other words, you and your firm need to come together and form a consensus to have better understanding of what you want and need. Remember, if you don’t know what you want, anything will do.

But if you do know what you want, you’re able to narrow down your choices considerably!

Questions To Ask About The Software Under Consideration

Every software on the market is going to be different. Each is its own unique company that has its strengths and weaknesses. In other words, it’s important to make an informed decision because you don’t want to pick the wrong vendor!

The worst case scenario is you pick a software which doesn’t work for you and your firm, do all the work setting it up, training your team, getting it running, and then you figure out it won’t work. That’s a lot of wasted effort!

Important questions to consider would be:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it built for accountants and bookkeepers?
  • How reliable is the software?
  • How flexible is it to match my workflow?
  • What does the setup process look like?
  • What type of support, knowledge base, or customer success do they have?
  • Is there a ‘try before you buy’ trial period?
  • Does it have our “must have” features?

Pascal In Review

In review, we’re not certain as the the state of Pascal’s ongoing business efforts. Their website is up but the links in the main navigation bar are either broken or empty.

As a result, we would suggest you don’t purchase Pascal. It does have a free tier, so that is a good option to try it out first. Definitely take your time and make a measured decision about if you think Pascal will be right for you.

Please go through the list of our questions listed above and add your own questions to the list. Remember, the worst case scenario is you do all the work of selecting a software, implementing it, training your team on it, and then you find out it is just not a good fit!


Any tool you bring into your firm should be evaluated and vetted to ensure a proper fit for your firm’s workflow. Based off these questions, we can’t recommend Pascal Workflow.

But, if you’re interested in finding a solution, check out Jetpack Workflow!