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Jetpack Workflow: Pricing Update Email Announcement

I wanted to send over a note to let you know that we’re raising prices in the beginning of September.

Your first question might be “How can I potentially access the early pricing?”

What you can do to reserve early pricing today (ie: not pay more)

The price increase will only impact firms that sign up (aka add payment information)after the price increase date.

Meaning, if you sign up for a free trial, then add payment information, you can reserve all existing pricing plans (even if you’re billed after the price increase date!).
Note: Even when you add payment information, you will not be billed until the end of your trial period.

If you sign up for any plan, you will keep your current price (this is our way of saying Thank You for all the support) at $20 per user per month or $200 per user per year

However, any additional users, or new accounts created after the price increase will be $30/user per month, or $300 per user per year.

The best thing you can do to lock in the current pricing is start a free trial

If you started a free trial in the past, and want to see all the new features, hit “reply” and let us know

> We’re telling you now so you have the opportunity to lock in the existing price.

So the options to reserve it include:

Option 1: Click here to start your free trial (then add payment info here)

Option 2: Existing Trial? Click here to add payment information

Option 3: Have an expired account?

Then send an email to david at jetpackworkflow and say “extend” to see the new features and access your account

Why are we raising prices?

After holding off on raising prices (this is our first price increase), we’re raising prices due to the following:

  • Since launch, we’ve added our workflow template library, email template library, client document manager, team collaboration and instant team collaboration email sync, timer & time sheet reports, instant capacity management and turn around time tracking, updated email notifications, our QB desktop IIF importer/exporter, QBO integration, client messenger, and our workflow implementation program (if you haven’t schedule a call, do so here). As the product continues to grow (and replace other timers, CRM’s, document systems, or other task/project management tools), we hope the value and ROI of Jetpack still far exceeds the investment.
  • We have plans to completely transform the modern firm so that your entire workflow (email, client collaboration, additional integrations), recurring client management (RCM), and key metrics are automatically tracked and store. On top of that, we’re heavily investing into ongoing education, workflow implementation training, and more. All this goes into building the best experience for your firm. Our goal is for you to spend all your time either serving clients, your team, or working “on” your firm. Everything else is automated or instantly tracked within Jetpack. You will continue to have access to all new features and trainings we publish.

For those who haven’t started a trial:

If you want to reserve the current pricing plan, the best thing you can do is start a free trial (sign up here).

If you feel like Jetpack is going to be a good fit for your firm, as soon as you add payment information (even though you are not billed until the end of the trial), you will reserve the existing pricing.

If for whatever reason Jetpack is not a good fit, you’re still secured by our full, 60 day money back guarantee, but you wouldn’t have missed out on this offer.

> Click here to sign up for Jetpack’s free trial today

(Existing trials can add payment information here)

To your success

David Cristello
CEO & Founder

PS: Want to schedule a 1-1 demo & review? You can view our calendar here

PSS: We also have live trainings coming up for the “101” and “201” classes as well. These are free, live, weekly trainings to help kickstart your workflow implementation

Existing customers will not be charged more upon this price increase. If you want to add additional users at this price before the price increase, please email david at Any user added after September 9th will be under the new pricing plan ($25/mo for Yearly plans, $30/mo for monthly)

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