How This Firm Owner Saved 16 Hours By Asking 3 Simple Questions

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As regular readers know, automation is one of our favorite topics. But what about taking it to the next level? Can you automate a consulting business? The guest for this podcast is Jan Haugo, the founder and CEO of Jan Haugo and Associates. She is a tech-savvy accounting and bookkeeping professional who helps firms really… Read more »

Use These Productivity Tips to Improve Work From the Start

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No firm owner wants to feel like their business isn’t as productive as it could be, but how do you increase productivity at work without overworking yourself or your employees? That’s what we’ll investigate in this piece. Here are some work productivity tips that will teach you how to be more productive at work. What… Read more »

These 3 Frustrations Are Keeping You From Growing Your Firm

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Heather Satterley is the owner and founder of Saturday Training and Consulting, and you may remember her from our previous podcast on How to Implement New Accounting Softwares. She helps put the tools and systems in place to help firms scale more profitably and increase productivity, similar to Jetpack Workflow. She’s a member of the… Read more »

How To Implement New Accounting Softwares

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Heather Satterley, owner of Satterley Training & Consulting, works with accounting professionals to implement new accounting applications. For many firms, they get hung up on the what, which, why of the technology movement. Frankly, you could waste lots of time and money. Heather came on the show to help us go through what steps to… Read more »

How To Grow 1500% By Automating Your Accounting Firm

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Heather Pranitis isn’t just your average bookkeeper. She brings unique knowledge to the table to automate your accounting firm. She believes you should figure out how to make processes go much smoother and quicker even if you spend a few extra dollars to do so. In accounting, so much attention is spent on “how much… Read more »