How to Grow a $1M Firm in 3 Years

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On this week’s Growing Your Firm podcast, we are speaking with Chris Pentrack. He’s the owner and managing director at Supporting Strategies, a firm that’s just right up the road from our main offices here in Pittsburgh. Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur and finance executive with over a decade of experience leading businesses to financial… Read more »

3x Your Clientele Using One Sentence

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In this episode of the Growing Your Firm podcast, we talk with David’s mentor Dane Maxwell, the founder of and The Foundation. He dedicated 15 years of research to write a book that would change people’s lives, Start From Zero. He’s brilliant when it comes to thinking about positioning. Specifically, he wants to help… Read more »

Maximize Your Firm’s Profits by Transforming Into a Profit Advisor

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This episode of Growing Your Firm features Femke Hogema. Femke is a phenomenal trainer, author, and speaker who leads the charge of the Profit First community in the Netherlands. Inspired by the innovator of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, Femke took Profit First to the next level, giving workshops in the Netherlands. As her business grew,… Read more »

How To Be an Entrepreneurial Accountant with Adrian Simmons

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This week, we’re excited to have Adrian Simmons on the show. Adrian is the Chief Creative Designer at David G Simmons CPA, Practicing Fellow at VeraSage, and Director of the Lab at Thriveal Laboratory. He prides himself on being an entrepreneurial accountant. And you can tell with everything he’s involved in! In this episode of… Read more »