3 Steps to a More Efficient Accounting Firm

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For thousands of years, humans have dreamed of getting work done without requiring humans to do the work. This is the basic principle behind automation; it’s getting work done with little-to-no human intervention. We’ve been achieving for as long as we’ve been trying. Automation often sounds like the best solution for any inefficient process in… Read more »

BONUS: Will “BigBox Tax” survive COVID-19? & Other Undercover Discoveries

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20200403 David Cristello secret dark

Today we’re revealing a secret project we did at Jetpack Workflow to see what we could learn from the big boys of the retail accounting world. Someone in our community was a recent customer service professional in 2019 and a tax preparer in 2020. We’ll call them “Sam.” We will reveal what we learned about… Read more »

[Double Your Firm Book] Ch. 6 Recruiting and Retaining top Talent

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retaining top talent

Chapter 6 in my book deals with a growing issue in the industry…recruiting and then retaining top talent. If you’re just joining us, we’re going front-to-back celebrating the audio release of our best-selling book, Double Your Accounting Firm. To refresh, here are the first three chapters: Chapter 1: Increasing Workflow Efficiency and Staff Capacity Chapter 2: Solving… Read more »

Hiring the Right Accounting Staff

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man writing in journal with laptop open on desk - text book hiring the right staff

When you understand what you need out of a new team member, it’s much easier to sift through candidates. For most firms, you live and die by who the recruiter brings through the door. You might get a few applications online, but you’re never sure if the candidate would be a good fit. Your vision,… Read more »

How This Unique Accounting Firm Uses Video Marketing to Find Clients & Top Talent

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Blake Shaffer’s accounting firm, LWS Tax & Accounting, is one of the most unique you’ll find. In fact, he successfully uses video marketing to both find clients and top talent. His videos aren’t boring commercials for his firm…they’re much, much better. You’ll have to see below. In this episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast,… Read more »

Recruiting and Retaining Top Accounting Talent

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Recruiting and retaining top talent

Recruiting and Retaining Top Accounting Talent This chapter preview comes from the Double Your Accounting Firm book  (Amazon) I’ve heard this story many times. Diana’s in the middle of building the “firm of the future.” She’s built a core team around herself. One day, her top accounting manager walks into her office, plops a resignation… Read more »

Recruiting Expert Reveals How to Attract 50X More Qualified Job Applicants

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Jeff Phillips, founder of Accountingfly and publisher at accounting blog, Going Concern, has been in the recruiting business for over 20 years. He’s about to reveal how to attract 50X more qualified job applicants. Because, in today’s firm, keeping your best staff is harder than ever before. Demand exceeds supply causing turnover issues. In this… Read more »

How to Retain Millennial Accountants in Today’s Firms

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Deb Defer, the Managing Director of Business Services and Outsourcing at BDO, sees how hard it is to retain millennial accountants in today’s fast pace society. The older generation blames the millennials, millennials blame the older generation. It’s a back-and-forth battle that may not end for another decade or two. Deb isn’t here to make… Read more »