[Double Your Firm Book] Ch. 6 Recruiting and Retaining top Talent

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retaining top talent

Chapter 6 in my book deals with a growing issue in the industry…recruiting and then retaining top talent. If you’re just joining us, we’re going front-to-back celebrating the audio release of our best-selling book, Double Your Accounting Firm. To refresh, here are the first three chapters: Chapter 1: Increasing Workflow Efficiency and Staff Capacity Chapter 2: Solving… Read more »

Should I Add HR and Payroll to My Company’s Services?

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Today’s accounting and bookkeeping services world has become increasingly competitive. Senior managers are looking to gain an edge and are turning to unique ways of adding profit centers. There are two main reasons for firms to begin looking toward adding services like payroll and human resources: profit and the ability to offer full-service care to… Read more »