How To Not Drown In Deadlines

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Maura Wiser, Founder at Bluewater Bookkeeping Services, was living and working out of her inbox before she discovered how to manage workflow correctly. She started using a special tool that helped her do it. You’ll hear all about that tool today… In this episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, David Cristello and Maura Wiser… Read more »

How One Tool Can Give You An Extra Week Of Vacation!

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jetpack workflow

I don’t normally do this… But, recently, I got on the phone with a new user of Jetpack Workflow’s workflow software. His name is Tom Kneeland, he is the Founder and President of Kneeland CPA. After speaking with him…I realized he managed to squeeze out an “extra week of vacation” using Jetpack Workflow. Let me… Read more »

Review: The Top Apps We Use To Run Our Business

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Managing an accounting practice or firm (as you already know) can be challenging. Which is why I wanted to outline the top applications we use to help us manage our team, process, and product at Jetpack Workflow. (website) What is it? is a simple “reminder” system to help you follow-up with contacts. Simply… Read more »