The Mindset of a Successful Owner & Partner: The Sandi Leyva Interview

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This week, we’re excited to have Sandi Levya, President of Accountant’s Accelerator* discuss her 7 success strategies plus how to have the mindset of a successful owner(please note this post includes affiliate links). She will give you the best tip for marketing your firm as well (and it’s not cold calling). In this episode of the… Read more »

How To Create a Sellable Accounting Firm: The Sandi Holst Interview

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We are excited to release our interview with Sandi Holst, the President of Fiscal Integrity Group.  In this interview, we dive into how to gain clients rapidly through referrals and how to create an instant “WOW” factor that allows you to create a sellable accounting firm. In this interview, we chat with Sandi Holst on… Read more »

How To Use Numbers In Your Marketing

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Metric Driven Marketing Process

Often when it comes to marketing, many succumb to “hoping” to build their brand through widely distributed, “feel good” and “clever” campaigns. More often than not, this results in spending a lot of money, without ever knowing if a single dollar was worth spending. It’s a horrible standard to run marketing by, but unfortunately, many… Read more »

Lesson One Continued: Your Message

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Feature Pain Benefit Grid

In this lesson, we’re going to cover the next critical step of your marketing… Your Message Commonly referred to as your Unique Selling Proposition, this answers the question in your prospects mind of “Why should I do business with you, over any and all alternatives?”  Think about how busy the marketplace is. We’re used to seeing… Read more »

How To Do Marketing For Accounting

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Performance level

Welcome to the free course called “Marketing Fast Track: Marketing for Accountants” Over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to cover the foundations of highly effective marketing. And instead of giving you a bunch of tactics (i.e: You need social media, you need Adwords, you need {insert new shiny object here}), we’re… Read more »

The “New” Rules of Marketing for Accounting Professionals

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The 6 New Rules of Marketing

Are you stuck wondering why marketing dollars are no longer working? And while I would never dismiss a marketing campaign without testing, there are some fundamental differences in marketing today. Thank you to Steve Pipe for posting this. Original poster TBD So much of this poster sounds fantastic, but let’s break down what each rule means:… Read more »