How to Grow a $1M Firm in 3 Years

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On this week’s Growing Your Firm podcast, we are speaking with Chris Pentrack. He’s the owner and managing director at Supporting Strategies, a firm that’s just right up the road from our main offices here in Pittsburgh. Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur and finance executive with over a decade of experience leading businesses to financial… Read more »

How to Make Partnerships Your Key Growth Lever

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This episode of the Grow Your Firm podcast includes a ton of good information, with Brian Baum as our valued guest. He is the president of the Pittsburgh Exit Planning chapter. He’s also a financial advisor at a very credible institution.  In the podcast, he offers an illuminating perspective about partnerships and how to leverage… Read more »

How to Start an Accounting Firm and Bank 6-Figures Your First Year

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Hannah Stricker always wanted to be her own boss after 25 years in the accounting field. Finally, she gave her notice and went off to start an accounting firm from scratch. WIthin 12 months, she had banked 6-figures in revenues and she’s ready to show how she did it. In this episode of the Growing… Read more »