Double Your Income by Getting Rid of Receivables in Your Firm

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Kelly Gonsalves, Founder of Totally Booked, has only run her firm for a short while, yet, after a recent conference visit, she discovered how to double her income by getting rid of accounts receivables entirely. Meaning, gone is the grumbling and panic runs to the mailbox hoping your client check is there. Take a listen… Read more »

4 Surprising Tactics This Owner Used to Learn How to Build a Referral Based CPA Firm

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Today we’re excited to release our interview with Michelle Long where we dive into how to build a referral based cpa firm! She’s an established author (five books and counting!), sought after speaker, Founder of Long For Success LLC and Co-host of the Ultimate Accounting Vcon. In this interview you’ll learn: 1. How Michelle was… Read more »