Scope Creep in Accounting: How to Increase Revenue from Every Client

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Accountant hands using Jetpack Workflow to avoid scope creep

What is scope creep, and how do we avoid it, or manage it when it happens despite our best efforts? Let’s start with a story that might be relatable. You just landed a new client you’ve been working hard to acquire. (Congratulations!) You’re doing the work, and they’re paying you for it.  But there’s a… Read more »

Quickbooks Online (QBO) Project Management Software

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Are you looking to find the right project management software or application for quickbooks online (QBO) ? In this post, we’ll talk about the key features and questions you’ll need to consider when researching applications. First, setting the criteria.  In many technology hunts, especially ones around project management, it’s important to define what you hope… Read more »

How To Choose A Practice Management Accounting Software

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Form 1040

Many accounting firms have steady business on a year round basis but even the slowest firms experience a large influx of business at tax season when individuals not in the know scramble for expert help on their tax returns. At this time, your firm may not only be dealing with individuals but also with small… Read more »