What is Aero Workflow? Our Review

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Aero Workflow Manager Logo

In this post, we’ll walk through a high level review of Aero Workflow (https://www.aeroworkflow.com), which covers the core features, pricing, and information on the application. Aero workflow is a workflow management application for accounting firms, originally launched via it’s integration with MethodCRM, but then released as a standalone platform shortly thereafter. When evaluating any workflow… Read more »

CCH iFirm Software Alternative

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CCH iFirm screenshot

Looking for a CCH iFirm Software alternative? In this article, we’ll cover the features and potential alternatives for firms and accountants looking Features When looking for a CCH iFirm alternative for your accounting firm or practice, it’s important to list your “must have” features . For example, do you need to set up custom recurrences?… Read more »

Review: The Top Apps We Use To Run Our Business

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Managing an accounting practice or firm (as you already know) can be challenging. Which is why I wanted to outline the top applications we use to help us manage our team, process, and product at Jetpack Workflow. followup.cc (website) What is it? Followup.cc is a simple “reminder” system to help you follow-up with contacts. Simply… Read more »