Simple Tax Workflow Software

Easy to Use Tax Workflow To Automate Your Firm in 4 Simple Steps

Built For Tax & Accounting Professionals

Import CSV

1. Import Your Client CSV

Add Staff

2. Add Additional Staff


3. Create a Job, Set Recurrence & Duplicate Across Clients

Jetpack in Action

4. Let Jetpack Take Over

A Look at Jetpack Workflow

Uploading Your Client List in Minutes

Get started is a breeze inside of Jetpack Workflow. Simply download a CSV file of your clients, import and tag, and you’re done. We also offer complimentary services as well, in which case, just send us your client list and let us handle the setup.

Import client GOOD


Add Jobs, Setup a Custom Recurrence and Duplicate

With any job, you can set up a custom recurrence and duplicate it across your clients. Never create the same project again! And once you create project (ex: Payroll items), it will become tag in your filtering and search options.

Search Made Easy So Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Ready to drill down and find exactly what you’re looking for? Our search options let’s you find any job, task, or client in seconds.

Filter Down to The Exact Job

Need more than a simple search? Our filtering options gives you the ability to drill down- Need to know what jobs are overdue for a client? Done. Need to know all the tax returns due tomorrow for a client? We’ve got you covered. With over 7 custom filtering options, you’ll have no problem tracking down and reviewing work.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.03.12 AM

Complete Transparency Across Your Team

Simple staff tracking means inside of our tax workflow software means no more scrambling to find who is doing what, and when. Better yet, you can see what is overdue, due today, and due this week. If you need to reassign, it’s just one click away!

Track Everything via Automated Email Digests

Never let a job fall through the cracks ever again. With our digest, we’ll send you an AM email with what is overdue and due today, and evening digest recapping the day and what’s in store for the week.



Add custom labels to any job

Finally work how you want to work… create a custom label, attach them to any job, and use them to track important details, stages, status, and more inside of each client job.

Profitability Reports to Increase Cashflow

Nothing is worse than working hard and not making a real profit. Our reports make sure that your internal budget stays in line with the timeit took to actually complete the work.



Quickly attach multiple versions of a document so that nothing falls through the cracks

Worried about missing files or paperwork. Add as many documents (and as many version as you like). Need to add a document for all client jobs? Attach it to a template, set a recurrence, and never lose that document again.

Track Time Inside of Each Job or Task

Inside of each job or task is the ability to track time against the budgeted amount.  Setup time manually or click the “start timer” to have it running it the background.



Setting Team Members, Track their Billable Hour Amount, Add Custom Set Permissions, and more

Set up your staff members, manage permission settings, add their billable amount, and more. As soon as you add your staff, they’ll receive a notification and gain instant access.