Who We Are

We're here to help you get client work done on time, every time.

We show up every day to help our customers deliver their best work. From developing workflow software that helps accounting professionals solve their painful problems, to personalized onboarding and training, to curating helpful resources on our podcast, newsletter, and articles.

We’re here for you and can’t wait to make your life better.

We work with the best.

Whether your firm is experiencing rapid growth, a big business change, or everyone is remote – Jetpack Workflow provides the comfort and confidence that recurring client work is never missed.


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Our Values

Plan ahead

  • Take the time today to help our future selves
  • Don’t be content with the status quo
  • Always invest in yourself and your team

Default to action

  • Make progress towards a solution
  • Perfect is the enemy of good
  • “Ship it” and let the market validate the idea

Stay on target

  • Find the core pain and focus solely on it
  • Doing less allows us to be our best
  • There’s always going to be more to do

Serve with humility

  • Our customers pain is our pain. Live with empathy and keep them in mind.
  • We value all voices. The best idea should win.
  • A great team is greater than the sum of its parts

Say Hello to Our Leadership Team

David Cristello

Founder & CEO

Jordan Moskal

Head of Operations

Adrianne Hersrud

Head of Engineering

Todd Kunsman

Head of Marketing

Find Us Working All Over the World

Although we are fully-remote for the last few years, we do call Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania our home base. We like to get together as a team throughout the year and have some fun.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our career page.

Company Manifesto

We know building a business isn’t easy. There’s a reason most fail or never get started. We also know that managing, leading, and contributing to a young business isn’t easy either. But at the end of the day, we always lean into what’s meaningful, not necessarily what’s easy.

We know behind every firm is a family and behind every team member is a community. While we believe that work doesn’t have to be so stuffy, we also know that what we’re building, and what you’re building matters.

Solving painful problems lies at the heart of what propels humanity forward, and we are blessed to be a small contributor to helping the knowledge economy do our collective best work.

See Jetpack Worflow In Action

Get under the hood of Jetpack Workflow’s accounting workflow and project management platform. See some of the top features and how it helps your firm standardize, automate, and track client work more efficiently.