For Client Advisory Service Teams

Does your firm offer client advisory services? Jetpack Workflow enables CAS teams to track progress, better manage workflows, and gain visibility into who’s working on what.

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CAS teams need a better way to manage client work. That's where we come in.

There’s a reason CAS teams at firms like CBIZ and UHY are utilizing Jetpack Workflow everyday. It allows their teams to standardize workflows, create full visibility across teams and regions, and keeps everyone focused on their specific advisory work.

Advisory Workflow

Build an organized workflow that is easy for managers to view client work progress and for team members to keep track of their tasks and workload.

Capacity Planning

Get reports and overviews of your team’s overall capacity, better delegate advisory work, and reassign or automate tasks as needed.

Project Management

Setup and track projects, tasks, and more. All built specifically for accounting and client advisory services.

Progress Tracking

Quickly see the status of specific client work, catch potential issues in advance, and always know who’s working on what.

Enable Your CAS Team To Thrive With Workflows

Built to easily and quickly handle recurring client work.

Jetpack Workflow was created for teams that have to process hundreds (or thousands) of tasks every month. No more getting bogged down with legacy systems as everything is just one click away.

Setup dependencies to avoid false starts and identify "What's next?"

Need to create handoffs between various team members? Not a problem. In Jetpack Workflow, creating a dependency will allow work only to be surfaced once it’s ready.

Create custom workflows to track project progress across all clients.

Need to mark tasks with something like waiting on client? If something is urgent? Or if specific client work is stuck in processing? Customize your account so it feels like your perfect process.

Training and support as needed.

While users often find Jetpack Workflow simple and approachable, we also provide same day customer support and complimentary team training, and access to our “JetpackU” certification.

If you need us to migrate extensive data over, format and scale your client workflows, or enhance your overall training, we can also do this for you via our add-on services.

Named as "Best in Class Accounting Technology" by Amy Vetter 🏆

We also partner and present at world class communities such as BDO Alliance, CPAmerica, Allinial, and more.

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