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kill wasted time in your meeting with timeboxing- woman using laptop and taking notes happily working from home

Timeboxing can help keep you,your coworkers, and your clients on task and avoid an amazing amount of wasted time. It may be tough to do at first, but it’s an excellent time management technique. Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that went nowhere? You can feel your productivity drain out of your brain… Read more »

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In this week’s Growing Your Firm podcast, we’re welcoming back Seth David, owner of Nerd Enterprises, Inc. He specializes in online software consulting and training to help businesses use social media tools, web video, and automation. His company has helped over 20,000 small business owners in the accounting space. In this podcast, we’re going to… Read more »

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For thousands of years, humans have dreamed of getting work done without requiring humans to do the work. This is the basic principle behind automation; it’s getting work done with little-to-no human intervention. We’ve been achieving for as long as we’ve been trying. Automation often sounds like the best solution for any inefficient process in… Read more »

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As regular readers know, automation is one of our favorite topics. But what about taking it to the next level? Can you automate a consulting business? The guest for this podcast is Jan Haugo, the founder and CEO of Jan Haugo and Associates. She is a tech-savvy accounting and bookkeeping professional who helps firms really… Read more »

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Featured Image Remote Work Tools Your Firm Actually Needs

This week, we’re providing a list of the best remote work tools in five categories. While we’ll recommend the option we prefer in each category, you don’t have to choose the one we use. For each section, there is a myriad of tools available for you. What matters is choosing the tool that works best… Read more »

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Zapier is a tool used to connect applications together. It is the Swiss Army Knife of automation. David went to the most thriving Facebook groups to find the best resources for Zapier to ask a few questions. He found Brian Clare, the not-so-hidden Zapier guru in the accounting space. Brian is the co-founder and CEO… Read more »

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We had an amazing time hosting the first ever virtual Cloud Accounting Summit. Not only did we learn a ton about how to run a virtual summit, but we also gained some valuable information from the guest speakers who made the event a success. Full summit replay Top 10 Takeaways from the Cloud Accounting Summit… Read more »

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No firm owner wants to feel like their business isn’t as productive as it could be, but how do you increase productivity at work without overworking yourself or your employees? That’s what we’ll investigate in this piece. Here are some work productivity tips that will teach you how to be more productive at work. What… Read more »

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Heather Satterley is the owner and founder of Saturday Training and Consulting, and you may remember her from our previous podcast on How to Implement New Accounting Softwares. She helps put the tools and systems in place to help firms scale more profitably and increase productivity, similar to Jetpack Workflow. She’s a member of the… Read more »

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In this episode of the Growing Your Firm podcast, we talk with David’s mentor Dane Maxwell, the founder of and The Foundation. He dedicated 15 years of research to write a book that would change people’s lives, Start From Zero. He’s brilliant when it comes to thinking about positioning. Specifically, he wants to help… Read more »