Better Manage and Automate Client Work With Jetpack Workflow

We are pioneers in workflow software designed for CPAs, bookkeepers, and firm owners. Scaling and organizing your client work has never been easier.

Why do firms struggle to hit client
deadlines and scale firm growth?

Before launching Jetpack Workflow in 2016, our team interviewed hundreds of firms
on what was blocking them from growth of their business. Here’s the common responses we found.

Work continuously falls through the cracks.

Difficult to use legacy accounting applications.

No simple way to standardize client work.

Trouble tracking progress across their own work and team.

Lack of options to easily automate and manage recurring tasks.

Client work is growing faster than the firm is able to hire.

And how firms try to manage their challenges just isn’t working.

Excel spreadsheets will get messy – fast.

We still love spreadsheets and use Excel and Google Sheets for some of our own work! But spreadsheets are not a scalable process that allow you to standardize your workflows nor create the freedom to grow your firm.

Legacy accounting applications are clunky and unreliable.

The legacy accounting platforms you are familiar with tend to be clunky, outdated, and time consuming. If you don’t have a team to implement and manage it, you’ll struggle with success and your team won’t feel confident in using it.

“All in one” solutions can be overwhelming with features.

Typically categorized as accounting practice management software. These platforms will have many product features, but can be too robust for your needs. Plus many only offer basic functionality of each product feature to just “check a box.”

Project management tools aren’t built for accountants.

Tools like Asana,, and others are great products. But those platforms are not built with the specific needs of accountants. That means you’ll have plenty of client work inefficiencies that STILL bog you and your team down.

And that’s why we created Jetpack Workflow.

Jetpack Workflow frees accountants, bookkeepers, and firm owners from repetitive tasks, removes deadline stress, increases productivity, and grows firm revenue.

Launch and start getting organized
in days, not weeks.

See upcoming work months before the tasks are due.

Dive into any specific client to see tasks and progress.

Quickly automate and create organized workflows.

Enable everyone to know who’s working on what.

Get recurring work for multiple clients better organized.

Improve work/life balance and minimize tedious admin tasks.

So…are you accounting practice management software?

The simple answer is no.

However, Jetpack Workflow often gets placed in that category or even compared to those platforms. You will find some minor overlap in features between us and accounting practice management software, but it’s not what we are.

Our focus is on solving workflow and project management challenges for accountants and growing firms. It’s the area we found to have the most impact on client work and firm growth.

And our goal is to be great at solving workflow inefficiencies, not overwhelm your firm with product features or be mediocre in a little bit of everything.

What some happy customers have to say:


“Missing a client deliverable is the absolute worst, and we are avoiding that with the help of Jetpack Workflow.”

Brad Schuchardt, BTBK Accounting Services

"Now I have a birds eye view of what’s going on in my firm, so I know what my team is doing, and what’s the status and updates for our clients.”

Monica Hodgson-Daniels, Owner & CEO of Garnett and Gold Financial Corporation

“It powers my entire bookkeeping firm and allowed me to move from Florida to North Carolina without affecting my firm at all!”

Katie Lilly, Lillyfield Acocunting Solutions

Accounting Workflow Software
That Lets You Rest Easy.

Jetpack Workflow is the efficient way to standardize your recurring work, automate your deadlines, and track everything in your firm. And the best part? You can be up and running in minutes.