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Amanda’s advice: To manage price increases, you need to make sure service quality is always rock solid, so clients know the value is worth it.

Banish the bane of every bookkeeping business

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Stress less.

Linda discovered there is life beyond the bustle when she started using Jetpack Workflow

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New paths yields new results.

Heath ran efficiency reports to keep dibs on his firm’s rapid growth with Jetpack Workflow

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Better workflow means better profitability.

“Knowing the amount of work that each team member has. Knowing who has availability. Knowing the deadlines on our projects. And being able to make work flow more efficiently through our office. Most firms are not aware of the amount of work that their team members have on any given day. Jetpack has solved that problem for us.” – Rick Fields, Associates in Accounting CPAs

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Get ready to grow

“I really love the templates that Jetpack has. We were able to custom design the templates to meet our own needs and for each department here. That’s offered us a lot of flexibility and helps us keep track of everything. Nothing gets missed, and all the notes are there.” – Nancy Benet, Fixit Account Inc.

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Do your workflows keep you up at night?

“Jetpack kept my stress levels down during the busy tax season so that I knew everything was where I needed it to be and that the workflow was moving along without having to manually watch over it” – Jackie Meyer, Meyer Tax Consultants

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