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You have an open accounting position, a job description, and the perfect job advertisement to attract prospective employees. Now, where do you place it? 

Newspaper ads and radio announcements are options. However, the Internet has taken over with people using it to search for everything—including accounting jobs.

Employers could miss opportunities to attract great employees by not using Internet resources for job placements. However, the problem is the sheer number of job boards is making it harder for HR professionals and companies to decide on the best one for their hiring needs. Some are niche-specific, while others cater to a diverse group of professionals. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then this article is for you. Today’s post highlights the best job boards you can use to recruit for accounting jobs, along with a few bonus tips to help set your ad apart from the competition. 

The Best Accounting Job Boards to Find Your Next Employee

There is no one “best” accounting job board. However, knowing the features you are looking for from a service provider can make choosing one easier. 

Perhaps you need a site that allows you to leaf through numerous candidate profiles and reach out to preferred ones. Maybe one that lets you post jobs and sit back and wait for candidates to apply. Or a site that allows employees to leave reviews, ratings, and their salary ranges in a bid to appeal to future employees. 

Whatever your needs are, here are the top 6 accounting job boards to find great employees, listed in alphabetical order.

1. Accounting Jobs Today

Accounting Jobs Today is a popular job listings website where accounting candidates search for their next career opportunity. It is a good site for finding suitable candidates for your accounting department. 

Since candidates can upload their resumes, you can leaf through hundreds of potential accounting candidates and contact them. It also allows employers to list any job opportunities and store resumes.

2. American Accounting Association

American Accounting Association (AAA) is a research, education, and practice association for accountants in America. AAA might be the ideal accounting jobs board for you if you are looking for niche job boards for accounting job seekers. 

Part of its services is a careers and development section that includes a job board for employers to post open positions. You can register as an employer by providing the relevant company details. However, the service is not free. AAA offers three pricing packages for employers to choose from.  

3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global professional body for accountants and finance professionals. Apart from acting as a professional body, it also features a career page for its members and other accounting and finance professionals. In addition, its career page provides accounting advice, along with a job board for opportunities in the field. 

Although it is a global platform, employers in the US can still post jobs there and specify they are targeting employees in the US only. You can validate potential candidates’ certifications. If you can get an Approved Employer status, you may have a better chance of attracting and retaining the best candidates. 

These features make it an excellent niche-specific job board for accounts with a global talent pool for you. Additionally, it offers extra features for employers, like support programs, CPD for your employees, and other courses to sharpen your employees’ skills.  

4. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is among the best job boards. It caters to users in America, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Candidates can upload their resumes or build one from the site, which helps to create a large pool of candidates for employers. 

Employers seeking extra assistance locating the ideal accounting professional can also access outsourced hiring experts to help them with the recruitment process. Another essential feature includes an AI system where you can access exclusive insights into candidates’ profiles, allowing you to catch the attention of only the best candidates for the position. Most importantly, employers are in complete control of the process with the ability to manage candidate pools, job postings, and campaigns.  

5. Indeed 

Indeed is another global job listing website. It hosts candidates from all fields, including accounting. Some of the features that set it apart include an option for employees to leave reviews and salary details for their current and previous employers. Due to these employee-friendly features, it has become one of the top sites where candidates look for future opportunities. 

As an employer, you can take advantage of this by setting up your company’s profile. Your current employees can leave excellent reviews that could help attract prospective employees. The site allows candidates to upload their resumes, enabling you to search for your ideal candidate from a vast pool. Finally, you can also upload details of any open opportunities. 

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform for networking. For example, accounting professionals looking for a new job can list their experiences and qualifications, follow companies, and chat with hiring managers and recruiters. On the flip side, employers can view potential candidates’ profiles, reach out to them, and also post job opportunities. 

While it caters to job seekers from any field worldwide, you can always use filters to search for accounting candidates in the US only. Plus, unlike some job sites where you have to pay to post a job, LinkedIn allows employers to post one job opening for free at a time. 

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Bonus: How to Make Your Job Ad Stand Out to Potential Candidates

The job market is now more candidate-driven than just a few short years ago. As a result, employees demand more from employers and are not afraid to walk away from terms that do not meet their expectations. 

As the great resignation trend continues, firms looking for new accountants must be proactive and take the bull by the horns. You have to work harder at ensuring your job posting stands out from the rest to help attract the best employees for your accounting firm. 

Here are some bonus tips to make your job posting stand out: 

Keep it short and sweet

While it is essential to include as much information as possible, you certainly don’t want potential candidates skipping your job ads because they are too wordy. Candidates spend about 14 seconds on a job ad. Job posts with 300 words or less perform better by receiving more than 8.4% more applicants than those with more words. 

The goal is to capture their attention within this short span and maintain it. To that end, ensure you start with the most crucial details of the position.  

Targeting specific personalities

What is the mood in your company on a typical day? Are you looking for a bubbly employee? Someone fun, spontaneous, and quirky? Or do you need a more conservative employee who plays by the book? 

Since you already know the culture of your company and the type of environment employees create, you should point out the personality you are searching for because you need an employee whose personality matches that of your other employees and the company’s culture. Potential employees also want to know whether your firm offers an environment they will be comfortable in before applying for the job. 

Visibility of compensation details

Don’t you hate it when you come across a beautiful item on social media, and the seller asks you to contact them for the price? Likewise, potential employees hate it when job ads lack compensation details about the role. Gone are the days when employers did not give a specific salary amount or range as a way to have an edge during salary negotiations with prospective hires. Today, candidates begin by checking the compensation details on the job board or asking about the same from recruiters before considering the position. So, ensure the compensation details are easy to spot to help attract the best accounting employees.

Emphasizing perks 

Along with compensation, do not forget to point out the benefits your employees get to enjoy. Candidates are more attracted to potential employers who are forthcoming on the available perks. In addition, it tells them whether your company will be a match for what they are searching for right from the start. Ultimately, it will save both of you from lengthy negotiations that might not end in a job offer. 

Some of the potential perks to include in your job ad are flexible working hours, remote working, paid leave days, and 401(k). It also helps to emphasize your firm’s culture. You don’t have to write a whole paragraph about it. A few mentions of things like a work-life balance and a pet-friendly environment could do the trick. 

Embrace social media

Social media platforms are no longer just an avenue for connecting with long-lost friends and making new ones. Candidates, especially the younger generation, rely more on social media for everything, including job searches. In fact, research has shown that 79% of job seekers are more likely to search for jobs through social media platforms than other sources. This figure rises to 86% when it comes to younger candidates. 

It is great to use professional social media sites like LinkedIn for your job ads. However, if you want to set your company’s job advertisement apart and attract potential candidates, you must embrace other social media sites. Your job ads should also be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additional research shows that 67% of candidates use Facebook for their job search, 45% use Twitter, and 31% use Instagram.  

What does job success look like?

Instead of waiting for candidates to ask these questions during interview rounds, define them on the post. That way, they will know what is expected from the start. It will also help the candidate see whether there is potential for growth once they are with the company. 

You could break this down with points like what they need to achieve within 4 weeks, 12 weeks, and by the end of the year. 

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