CAS leaders to follow.

Have you become more interested in client advisory services (CAS)?

You are not alone!

And probably why you are checking out this article 😉

After connecting with many firm owners, accountants, and membership communities over the last few years – we can say that CAS is definitely heating up right now.

And fortunately, there are many great leaders and experts paving the way for advisory services.

So if you are looking to learn more about CAS or offer these services at your firm, then you’ll want to follow those in our top list of experts.

Why Client Advisory Services?

The accounting space is continuing to evolve and change. Mostly due to economic climates, but also technology, AI, and the growing needs of clients.

For most firms, their clients are looking beyond just completing tax returns. This can be questions and guidance on cash flow, tax saving tips, how to pay employees of their own business, handling loans, etc.

And beyond technology to provide more precise data, clients still need accountants to help them process and make decisions based on those calculations.

Job security? Check. Another solid revenue stream for your firm? Check.

One survey in the Journal of Accountancy showed that firms offering client advisory services experienced a 20% growth rate of net client fees per professional.

Okay okay, CAS sounds pretty sweet? But I’m not here to sell you on it. Instead, I want to highlight the leaders helping shape the advisory space.

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30+ Top Client Advisory Services Leaders

A few weeks back, David (Founder & CEO of Jetpack Workflow) dropped a question on his personal LinkedIn to see what others in his network had to say about CAS leaders.
David's LinkedIn post.
We already had started putting this list together between our CAS customers and who we see leading this space.

But there was such a great response and we were introduced to many more names!

So who are some of the influential leaders and practitioners guiding the way for client advisory services today? Check out our list below, which will be periodically updated.

Note: These are in no particular order, just a list of great “CASfluencers” to connect with, follow, or learn from as you build your advisory services.

1. Amy Vetter


2. Kane Polakoff


3. Deneen Dias


4. Tom Hood, CPA,CGMA,CITP


5. Ron Baker


6. Jody Grunden, CPA


7. Kimberly Blascoe, CPA


8. Dixie McCurley


9. Jeff Bartsch 


10. Duke Heninger, CPA


11. Joe Woodard


12. Deborah Defer


13. David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA


14. Irfan Dossani


15. Jason M. Blumer, CPA


16. Mark Stovel, CPA


17. Loren Fogelman


18. Chris Gallo


19. Geni Whitehouse


20. Angie Grissom


21. Christine Triantos


22. Jenny Glassmoyer, CPA


23. D. Scott Moore


24. Matt Gardner


25. Luke Templin


26. Jeanne Hardy


27. Matthew May


28. Kenji Kuramoto


29. Ashleigh Sutter, CPA


30. Missy Thompson


31. Robin Thieme


32. Gabrielle Luoma CPA, CGMA


33. Jason Staats, CPA


34. Jeff Wilson II


35. Roman Villard, CPA


Client Advisory Services is Booming

We’ve not only been working with more CAS departments lately, but also having conversations with some of the leaders mentioned above.

Many are hiring and growing this area of their firm as the demand from clients continues. And we’ve found other firms are also beginning to explore launching a CAS branch in the very near future.

If you work in advisory services or plan on growing this in your firm – you’ll most likely need a strong way to keep track of client work. And that’s where Jetpack Workflow can be a valuable tool to your tech stack.

There’s a reason CAS teams at larger firms like CBIZ and UHY are utilizing Jetpack Workflow everyday. It allows their teams to standardize workflows, create full visibility across teams and regions, and keeps everyone focused on their specific advisory work.

How CAS uses Jetpack Workflow:
Jetpack Workflow for Client Advisory Services teams.


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