taxdome vs jetpack

Jetpack Workflow and TaxDome are two popular software solutions that accountants, CPAs, tax professionals, and bookkeepers use to manage client work.

Both platforms support workflow automation and team management features and integrate with major accounting software systems.

When choosing between the two options for your firm, it helps to know where they differ and which may be more beneficial as you scale.

In this side-by-side analysis, we cover the key features of both platforms alongside their primary advantages and potential drawbacks. Check out the table below for a quick comparison of each software solution before we review them in greater detail:

Jetpack Workflow


Key Features
  • Task and project tracking in one central hub
  • Team management and collaboration tools
  • Workflow automation
  • Client management
  • Team collaboration features
  • Project and task tracking
  • Organize plan: $45/user per month (billed annually) or $56/user per month (billed monthly)
  • Scale plan: $49/user per month (billed annually) or $63/user per month (billed monthly)
  • Pro plan: Starts at $50/user per month with discounts for multi-year billing
Unique Advantages
  • Standardization of recurring client work
  • Automation of critical deadlines
  • Access to 70+ pre-built templates for common accounting/bookkeeping tasks
  • Great ease of use and shorter set-up time
  • Integrated solution for client, team, and project management
  • Mobile app both staff and clients can access
  • Website builder and branded client portal
  • CRM capabilities to organize leads and customers
  • Not an “all in one” practice management tool
  • Steep learning curve to get started
  • Lack of customizability for workflows
Final Verdict Greater focus on task and workflow management, making it easier for bookkeepers and accountants to track client work, meet deadlines, and save time on repetitive tasks Greater focus on providing an all-in-one solution for accounting firms to manage all aspects of their practice. Might be best for large firms that have more robust needs.


An Overview of Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow is a workflow management tool built specifically for accounting practices. It addresses common inefficiencies that keep firms from scaling, helping them automate critical deadlines, standardize recurring tasks, and track progress on client work so nothing slips through the cracks.

The platform streamlines team collaboration and task management. It gives you a centralized location to track who is working on what tasks, view upcoming deadlines, and better organize recurring work for multiple clients.


Key Features

  • Central hub to manage client work, individual tasks, documents, and deadlines
  • Automation for recurring tasks to give your team more time for billable work
  • Library of 70+ pre-made workflow templates for standard accounting and bookkeeping tasks
  • Team management tool to gauge the current availability of your staff and plan for new client work
  • Integration with over 2,000 applications through Zapier, including major accounting software programs to access all the critical information you need in one place




Jetpack Workflow may be slightly more expensive than competing workflow platforms. However, it delivers unparalleled value, as you can customize workflows and access more integrations through Zapier than other software options.

While Jetpack Workflow doesn’t offer some of the features that all-in-one practice management solutions provide, it’s one of the only dedicated project management tools for bookkeeping and accounting professionals.

Rather than overwhelm users with dozens of features they likely don’t need, the platform focuses on areas that most impact client work and firm growth.

Best For

Jetpack Workflow is best for accountants, bookkeepers, client advisory teams, and firm owners seeking a modern project management solution built specifically for accounting processes. It’s the ideal solution for firms that want to simplify standardized workflows, meet deadlines, and easily track progress on client work across the entire team.


Jetpack Workflow offers a 14-day free trial to test out the platform, then two plan options for paid users:

  • Organize: For $45/user per month, billed annually, gain access to unlimited jobs, documents, clients, team collaboration and management, QuickBooks Online and Zapier integration, and live chat, phone, and email support.
  • Scale: At $49/user per month, billed annually, this plan includes all the features in the Organize plan plus a drag-and-drop scheduling view, budgeted time and pacing reports, and bulk work reassignment option.


An Overview of TaxDome

TaxDome is an accounting practice management software to help users manage both client-facing and back-office processes.

The platform aims to be an all-in-one solution handling everything for your firm, including a website builder, PDF editor, and tools for team management and collaboration, client management, and project tracking.


Key Features

  • Website builder
  • Branded client portal
  • Mobile app for clients and staff
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Proposal and engagement letter creation and delivery
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Workflow automation
  • Team and workload management
  • Document management and storage



Because it’s an all-in-one practice management solution, TaxDome users report a steeper learning curve when implementing the software.

As a result, users may find that they’re not fully taking advantage of all the features they’re paying for (or don’t need all the bells and whistles at this time).

A frequent user complaint is that the platform could have better customization capabilities. So, TaxDome’s one-size-fits-all approach might not suit all accounting practices, especially those with unique workflows.

Best For

TaxDome is a good fit for small to medium-sized firms, CPAs, and tax professionals who want an integrated solution for managing all back-office and client-facing operations.


The TaxDome Pro plan includes access to the platform’s features, and pricing starts at $50/month per user when billed annually for a 1-year subscription. Discounts are available for multi-year subscriptions.


A Side-by-Side Comparison of TaxDome and Jetpack Workflow

How do Jetpack Workflow and TaxDome stack up against each other? This breakdown can help you determine which platform is best for your firm’s needs:




  • TaxDome offers a one-size-fits-all approach with its features, which may only benefit certain accounting practices.
  • Jetpack is better for firms with unique workflow needs, as it offers dozens of pre-built templates that users can customize to automate their workflows.


Ease of Use

  • Some users find TaxDome’s wide variety of features require a steeper learning curve and longer implementation time.
  • Jetpack Workflow is easy to set up and has an intuitive interface, which supports a positive user experience from the start.



  • TaxDome and Jetpack Workflow both support several integrations, including QuickBooks Online, Gmail, Outlook, and Stripe. Both also integrate with Zapier, which allows users to connect the solution to thousands of other business applications.



  • TaxDome offers a help center, video tutorials, courses, and live chat support, though the platform doesn’t have live phone support.
  • All Jetpack Workflow users have live phone, email, and chat support. In addition, users can access an on-demand content hub, complimentary training sessions, and Jetpack University, which has free courses on how to set up and use the platform.



  • TaxDome has one plan that starts at $50/month per user, billed annually for a one-year subscription.
  • Jetpack Workflow offers two plans: the Organize plan, which costs $45/user per month when billed annually, and the Scale plan, which costs $49/user per month with annual billing.



  • TaxDome offers a 14-day free trial with access to all features except Zapier integrations, the feature-request board, and the TaxDome community.
  • Jetpack Workflow also has a 14-day trial, which users can access without submitting payment details.



  • TaxDome provides an integrated solution for tax professionals who require extensive features like document management, a client portal, invoicing, a CRM, and more, along with project tracking. However, the complexity of the platform may deter smaller firms.
  • Jetpack Workflow’s dedicated focus on workflow automation and ease of use is often the preferred option for practices that value simplicity and efficiency.


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