The Future of Accounting Workflow Software

Say hello to Jetpack Workflow V2! The revamped version of our workflow software built for firm owners who want to grow without burning out.

Ready to try the beta version for yourself? Join hundreds of other accountants and firm owners who are already utilizing our exciting product.

Here’s why Jetpack Workflow V2
can be a great fit for you right now:

Intuitive workflow software built for firms. All the features you need to stop work from slipping through the cracks and regain control.

Beautifully redesigned interface and features plus improved workflows to help manage client work.

Done for you setup included for all early access customers ($1,000 value).

Customizable projects to improve client services and scale your firm (V2 exclusive).

Easily update service templates across clients and never miss deadlines again. (V2 exclusive)

It’s time to reinvent work(flow)

Make cascading projects and template changes easily.

Ever needed to make a change just for a recurring client project? Or better yet, make a change to the service template so you can stay more competitive in the market and keep your team aligned?

There isn’t a single tool that will allow you to do this without expensive support fees or admin intensive “multi edit” features. Until now. Jetpack Workflow V2 offers the most adaptable and reliable project reoccurrence in the market.

Improved task organization on client work.

Fast starts, not knowing what’s up next, and navigating around clunky work views has led many firms scrambling to see what’s falling through the cracks.

Now automatically have tasks appear as “next” and get notified instantly when it’s your turn to start work. Standardizing work got even easier.

Removing bottlenecks for future client work.

To understand your client work, you need to see projects planned this week, month, quarter, or year.

Too many systems either don’t show what’s planned or create complicated restrictions. Or you can view ahead, but can no longer make updates to current work.

Sacrifice no more. View services planned indefinitely into the future so you know exactly what’s upcoming, when, and for who.

Quickly understand what’s blocked and at risk.

The #1 thing a manager needs to know is what’s stuck. A blocked piece of work means we’re at risk of not getting the work done on time. Instant and easy visibility is required to successfully scale a firm without losing quality control and oversight.

With Jetpack Workflow V2, staff can now add “blocked” on any task, from any device, and instantly communicate that client work is at risk of not getting done on time.

Same great features firms love, now with additional upgrades.

Our classic workflow software was built to help standardize work, automate workflows, and track progress. But we’re kicking it up a notch, by improving those features and adding new ones to help firms accomplish even more.

We pioneered cloud workflow for accounting firms and now we’re defining the future of recurring client work. Come join us and help build the future!

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