XCM Workflow Alternative

XCM Workflow Solutions (now called XCM Solutions) is one of the oldest kids on the block, when it comes to accounting practice management.

After all, the original founders were accountants. Not to mention, it was one of the first firms to embrace the digital revolution and a more paperless system. Pioneers indeed. But the accounting industry is unique.

At one end of the spectrum, there are accountants and firms still managing their workflow with post-its, Quickbooks Desktop, and local clients. Then, there are those pushing the limits. A full cloud-based practice, with customers across the globe, and finally realizing the nearly paperless dream.

And…everything else in between these two points of reference.

It’s unique in the sense that early adopters of digital remain with the early platforms of digital accounting. For example, many firms stick with QBO while others have moved to Xero and others.

Workflow software is no different. Some practices got onboard with XCM and remain there still. Others love trying new platforms, while others are still doodling on those posty notes.

If you’re here, it’s likely you’re looking for alternatives to XCM Solutions. Great!

Let’s get into the details.

Basic Overview of XCM Solutions

As mentioned, XCM has been in the game for a long time (Circa 2002). According to their website, the tool offers:

  • Project tracking
  • Resource utilization
  • Actionable intelligence

Essentially, a dashboard to see how work is moving through your team and clients. A few of the positives include:

  • A new workflow feature, called “XCMWorkflow”
  • The ability to outsource certain tasks, including tax prep and CAS
  • Free training and paid consultancy to get up and running

Some limitations of XCM include:

  • Limited access control (essentially everyone with access is an admin)
  • Document storage is a bit lacking

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Things to Look for in Alternatives

Of course, if you’re looking for alternatives, you probably know about XCM’s ups and downs—you’re looking for something else!

So here’s a list of 4 of the most important things to look out for, in an alternative.

  • Specific to Accounting: There are an insane number of productivity, project planning, and workflow tools in the digital world. There are even a handful of solutions specific to the accounting industry (i.e. Karbon, XCM, and JetpackWorkflow). Does the tool you’re looking at specialize in the needs of accounting professionals?
  • Price and Cost: Some tools charge per user, others charge based on features, and others still do both. Make sure you know, not only the dollar amount on the pricing page, but how much total it’ll be for your firm.
  • Features: This is where it gets exciting. Features are getting so cool. Things like capacity planning, labels (for better snapshots and organization), and templates for common processes are a few to keep in mind.
  • Customer Service and Onboarding: There is a lot of revenue running through your software. If things go “down” or you have issues, resolution must be quick. Plus, the better you begin using the platform, the more likely you are to have success. Check the customer service, onboarding materials, and the overall helpfulness of potential providers.

Extra Resource: Want a deeper look into the world of shopping for a workflow tool? Check out our massive buyer’s guide that includes everything you can possibly look for, as well as detailed reviews of about a dozen solutions.

Jetpack Workflow as an Alternative to XCM

Ok, truth alert, we’re a bit biased about which Workflow platform you should use to replace XCM Solutions.

Why? Because Jetpack Workflow is a bit of a pioneer, at least we’d like to think so. Constantly thinking through and building features that empower you to move your business forward, create time for firm owners (like yourself) to spend on family and travel, and reduce the overall headaches involved with process!

A couple of recent launches include our capacity planning and label features.

Newest Changes to Jetpack Workflow

Imagine popping into the software and seeing that something is due for a project. You instantly send a text or private message to your teammates working on the deliverable. They don’t respond immediately. Mild panic.

Now *clears throat to do a movie trailer voice*, “Imagine a world (dramatic pause) where you see a little orange label that says (dramatic pause) ‘waiting on client.’”

No frantic messages. You know that your team is on top of it and waiting for the client to provide key information.

Then, mosey on over to the capacity planner and check on the snapshot of your firm. Quickly see who’s working on what, if anyone needs help, and even click through to see individual tasks of your team.

Use it to gauge hiring decisions, how aggressive to search for new clients, and improve your overall workflow.

These are only a couple of the most recent additions to the Jetpack Workflow solution.

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