Why We Built Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow was built after personally emailing over 3,000 accounting firm owners to learn how firms operate, and what was blocking their growth, or keeping them up at night. After we emailed, we hop on hundreds of phone calls and interviews to better understand their businesses and pain points.

Story after story poured in on hiring, pricing difficulties, increased competition, retaining top talent, finding new clients, adding advisory services to existing, keeping track of due dates, communicating with clients, integrating disparate tools,  training new hires, and many more!

But the most common phrase we heard was “checklist management.”

Baffled by this phrase, certainly in the era of endless “task management apps”, we decided to dig in. After all, there are thousands of task management apps out there, surely the has to be an app to do this well for Accountants… right?

What we found was that in the age of endless project, task, and client management applications, firms were still stuck juggling checklists to track client work. Spreadsheets, Excel or Google Sheets, were the default. It seemed every firm we spoke with couldn’t get past using spreadsheets to manage their firm.

Why Firms Used Spreadsheets

But it wasn’t because firm owners enjoyed using these spreadsheets! We love spreadsheets too! But spreadsheets weren’t built to scale or manage your firm.

The firms were using spreadsheets because of their fear… The thing that kept the firms up at night was client work falling through the cracks. We’ve all experienced this worry or feeling at one point in time. It’s a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach where you realize you’ve dropped the ball. You’re a professional after all and part of being a professional is never letting something fall through the cracks.

The firms used (and are still using) spreadsheets because task management is built for service and product sprints, not recurring client work. Popular CRM solutions are built for sales people and prospectors, not for recurring client work. So how, firm management through checklist or task management had fallen through the cracks of existing softwares.

So, the firms needed a tool they were familiar with that could act as an impartial third party to keep track of all of the ongoing jobs. These spreadsheets would build in complexity and ingenuity but it would eventually become someone’s full time job just managing those spreadsheets!

There has got to be a better way, right? Well… there wasn’t.

So We Create Jetpack Workflow

With a solid grounding in this acute pain point of accounting and bookkeeping firm owners, we began building Jetpack Workflow. We exist to solve this pain and we’ve never wavered in this goal.

We’re deeply customer focused. We are building this software to solve your pains. To make managing your firm easier. To give you a better life. With that in mind, please don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. We are building this software for you, afterall.

We show up every day to help accounting and bookkeeping firms track and automate their administrative work, so they can focus on doing the work that truly matters: growing their firm and building a better life for themselves and loved ones.

How We Operate

Jetpack Workflow, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, operates under our core values of:

  • Leave It Better Than You Found It – we are all stewards of our company and life.
  • Default to Action – perfection can be the enemy of the good.
  • Stay on Target – do less things, do them better.
  • Serve with Humility – we all sweep the floors.

Above all, we live and breath these values. Whenever we are faced with a tough choice in hiring, business decision, or life, we default to these values to guide us. If you ever think we are not living up to them, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

In addition, our culture is a collection of the processes we follow and actions we all allow. We encourage a work culture were everyone can be the CEO of something. No one has to apologize for taking ownership. We ask “How can I help?” instead of saying “That’s not my job.” There is always more work – what matters is working on the hardest and most impactful thing we can accomplish.

We enjoy coming to work every day because we enjoy the people we work with and the job we accomplish. We have ton of fun too! Check out our instagram for a quick preview of what it’s like working at Jetpack Workflow.

In short, we follow the pain and we exist to enable people to do their best work – both internally and externally.

Photo of Jetpack Workflow Team
Jetpack Workflow Team Retreat, 2018

Looking to Join Our Team?

At Jetpack Workflow, our team is always growing, and if you’re excited to join a fast paced, startup environment, we’d love to talk to you. At Jetpack Workflow, your work directly impacts (and improves) the lives of our customers. From releasing new features, fixing bugs, helping new firms get setup, to writing thank you notes to customers, we’re looking for talented, hard-working individuals. If you’re interested in becoming part of our growing team, click below to see out open positions!

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Backed by Leading Organizations

Jetpack Workflow is proud to be back by the City of Pittsburgh, State of Pennsylvania, and 20+ industry leading angel investors and investment funds.

More importantly, we are proud to be backed by thousands of accountants in nearly 20 countries worldwide.