5 Software Applications to Ease the Busy Season Burden

Feeling the burden of the busy season? Here are a few tools to help get some of the stress and admin work off your plate:

ScheduleOnce / Calendly:

What it does: Provides a simple, easy to use link (that syncs with outlook, ical, or google calendar) that you can share with your clients, so they can schedule a meeting or call. Why it's useful: Trash the email back and forth, and streamline the entire process. We use schedule once (example here), although Calendly seems to have a cleaner design. Website:http://www.scheduleonce.com/https://calendly.com/

Team Hively:

What it does:  Automates client feedback and satisfaction by using simple email signatures. Why it's useful: Know how well you and your team are communicating with clients, and automatically build up testimonials throughout tax season. We think this software is so promising, we shot a video to show you how to set it up! Website:http://teamhively.com/


What it does: Dims your computer/background light depending on the time of day.  Why it's useful: If you're anything like me, these ultra clear monitors and screens can drive my eyeballs crazy, especially in these dark Pittsburgh winters 🙂 Flux helps ease some of the tension you're pupils will be going through this busy season. Website:https://justgetflux.com/


What it does: Allows you to set simple "follow up" reminders in the BCC field of your inbox. Why it's useful: Complicated CRMs can create chaos, when in reality, the #1 thing we need to remember to do is follow up! Followup.cc allows you to add simple follow-up reminders in the BCC. For example, need to follow up in 3 days? Add 3days@followup.cc to the BCC of the email. How about shooting it to the end of the day? Use 6PM@followup.cc to have it shot back to the top of your inbox at 6 PM! Website:https://followup.cc/

Temporary Site Blockers:

What it does: Blocks out the websites that kill your productivity. I used a simple chrome extension called "temporary website blocker", but the goal of all of them is the same. Help you avoid the endless online distractions. Why it's useful: There's nothing wrong with social media or news websites, until they distract you away from what you're supposed to be doing! Website: Instead of a specific plugin (there's so many), here's a great list from the Huffington post on website blocks.  If you're looking for a more robust solution, which tracks all time online, you can use rescuetime.com. Rescuetime will give you a breakdown of where you spent your time (quite useful, if you're looking to improve your online productivity!) Looking for a way to manage and track recurring client work? Start Your Free 14 Day Trial of Jetpack Workflow Here

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