TaxDome is a popular practice management solution for accounting firms, tax firms, and bookkeepers. However, the platform has some notable limitations that leave firm owners wanting more. 

If you’ve been frustrated with TaxDome, you’ll be happy to learn you can opt for several other solutions with similar services plus more value and features. 

In this article, we’ll highlight 7 fantastic TaxDome alternatives that accounting professionals can consider using to be more efficient and productive. Before exploring your options, let’s dive deeper into some of the drawbacks users may experience with TaxDome. 

Shortcomings of TaxDome

There are some consistent complaints among TaxDome users about the platform’s setup process and user interface. Here are some examples of these shortcomings: 

  • Users point out the steep learning curve required to set up the platform and get it in working order. 
  • TaxDome doesn’t have full email integration, which many users look for to streamline client communications.
  • Some of the reporting features within TaxDome could be more advanced, like including reports for budget vs. actuals.
  • The customization offered for TaxDome’s dashboard and other features isn’t as robust as other platforms.
  • Customer support isn’t available by phone. 

The Top 7 TaxDome Alternatives

If you’re seeking a better alternative to TaxDome, we’ve selected 7 similar platforms to consider. We review each option’s main features, pricing, and who they’re best for, starting with our own accounting workflow solution, Jetpack Workflow. 

1. Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow is cloud-based accounting workflow software with robust project management capabilities to help firm owners scale their practices efficiently. 

  • Top features: Create workflows and helpful checklists in just a few clicks, get a birds-eye view of your team’s progress on various projects, and automate tasks and deadlines so nothing slips through the cracks. Also, it’s easy for users to assign tasks simultaneously to clients and even see which are at risk of being missed by your team. 
  • Who it’s for: Specifically built for accountants, CPA firms, and bookkeepers, Jetpack Workflow standardizes recurring client work, automates workflows, and tracks team progress on projects and tasks so you never miss an important client deadline.
  • Pricing: Both the Organize and Scale plans offer a 14-day free trial to get started.  When billed annually, the Organize plan starts at $45/user per month. The Scale plan costs $49/user per month (billed annually) and includes additional tools like team scheduling and capacity management. 
  • Final word: While not an accounting practice management tool like TaxDome, Jetpack does have overlapping features. Instead of using an all-in-one solution that may be more than you need,  Jetpack can be a great alternative to better automate recurring tasks, manage and organize client work, and collaborate and track progress without getting bogged down in too many features. Overall, Jetpack Workflow excels in several areas, such as ease of setup, ease of use, features, integrations, customer support, and affordability. 

2. Karbon

Karbon is a cloud-based project management tool that helps facilitate collaboration and information sharing across local and remote teams.

  • Top features: With Karbon, firms enjoy automatic client data collection to support streamlined onboarding, convenient document storage, task automation, and integration with other applications.
  • Who it’s for: Medium to large-sized businesses looking to collaborate between different departments, teams, and locations.
  • Pricing: Karbon has three plans: Team, Business, and Enterprise.  When billed annually, the Team plan is $59/user per month, the Business plan is $79/user per month, and the Enterprise plan has a custom pricing option for larger teams needing more full-service features. 
  • Final word: Karbon’s strength is its collaboration capabilities that support larger firms needing to share information across multiple locations and departments. However, the user interface and setup experience could be less clunky. Also, users need to pay for customer support, which may deter small firms that need more assistance. 

3. Financial Cents

Financial Cents is an accounting workflow and practice management software that supports better visibility into a firm’s operations through automation and reporting.

  • Top features: Some of the platform’s top features include client management, time-tracking, invoice management, and workflow management.
  • Who it’s for: Accounting professionals needing an all-in-one practice management solution to manage client details, document storage, workflows, and more so they can track their teams’ productivity and performance.
  • Pricing: They offer just one plan at $39/user per month, billed annually, or $49/user per month with monthly billing. 
  • Final word: Financial Cents can help firm owners track workflows, client information, and invoicing. However, it may lack more advanced reporting features and integrations that some businesses seek. 

4. Aero Workflow

Aero Workflow is an accounting workflow and practice management solution helping firms boost efficiency by integrating procedures into tasks, which provides better visibility into the assignments that need completion.

  • Top features: Some of Aero’s top features include employee time tracking, project tracking, task scheduling, and a training hub. 
  • Who it’s for: Built for firms of all sizes, Aero integrates processes into a team’s workflow so everyone knows what tasks still need to be completed, how to do them, and when they’re due. 
  • Pricing: A 30-day free trial is available for all plans. When billed annually, the Sole Proprietor plan is $39/user per month, the Small Firm plan is $79/user per month, and the Large Firm plan is $149/user per month. Virtually the only difference between these plans is how many users each option supports. 
  • Final word: Aero was one of the first accounting practice management solutions on the market when it launched in 2008. Over the past 15 years, newer players in the market now offer better reporting features, user interface, and customer support. Plus, cheaper options are available with similar features. 

5. Keeper

Keeper is a bookkeeping practice management tool that helps bookkeepers manage their back-end and client-facing work all in one place. 

  • Top features: Keeper includes tools for customer relationship management (CRM), time tracking, document management, client communication, KPI tracking, custom reporting, integrations, and more.
  • Who it’s for: Designed for bookkeepers to keep track of their workload, this platform is helpful for small accounting firms, too. Bookkeepers can store all relevant information and workflows in one centralized program, giving them greater visibility on tasks yet to be completed and a more streamlined way to manage their practice overall.
  • Pricing: Try Keeper for 14 days at no charge, then sign up for the Standard plan at $8/client per month or the Premium plan at $10/client per month. Firms can choose the right plan based on the number of clients they have.
  • Final word: The platform is easy to use, easy to set up, and affordable for bookkeeping firms. However, some users complain about the clunky client file organization, which may be an issue for growing firms. Accountants may need a platform with more advanced features if they have larger practices. 

6. Thomson Reuters Practice CS

Practice CS is a practice management solution for accounting firms to manage their back-end processes more efficiently and scale with firms as they grow.

  • Top features: The platform includes a central dashboard to access real-time information on client projects and employee progress, invoicing, time-tracking, and flexible reporting. 
  • Who it’s for: Practice CS features are helpful for tax preparers, CPAs, and bookkeepers, as well as accounting firms that want to streamline administrative tasks. 
  • Pricing: Contact Thomson Reuters for pricing information. 
  • Final word: Practice CS is effective at helping accounting firms better manage their back-end administrative tasks. However, firms looking for a more all-in-one solution that includes a CRM, workflow management, and a more modern, sleek design likely need to seek an alternative. 

7. CCH iFirm

CCH iFirm by Wolters Kluwer is a cloud-based project management solution for accountants to help streamline and manage their practice, clients, and staff through app integrations and automation. 

  • Top features: CCH iFirm is feature-rich, including invoice management, an online payment portal, document storage, time and project tracking, workflow management, and more. 
  • Who it’s for: Built for accounting firms of all sizes that want a tool to organize both their internal and client-facing operations. 
  • Pricing: The CCH iFirm Suite includes the Client Portal and Practice Manager plans for $1,020, with a setup fee of $124.50. Each additional user costs $165, or you can add three users for $385. Firms pay extra for 5GB of storage as well. Separately, the Client Portal costs $575, and the Practice Manager costs $640. 
  • Final word: CCH iFirm is a comprehensive tool for accountants to manage their back-end and client-facing tasks. However, it’s not as user-friendly or affordable as other options. 

Ready to Try Something New Instead of TaxDome?

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