CAAShing In New Ideas with Breanne Mode



      • Basic understanding of what Client Accounting and Advisory Services are 

      • The culture and effectiveness at Cbiz 

      • Trade-offs in firm acquisition and merger conversations 


      About Breanne Mode 

      Today we welcome Breanne Mode on the podcast. Breanne is the Director of Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAAS) at Cbiz

      After a visit to a QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, CA, Breanne decided that her flight back was a networking opportunity, instead of her typical relaxation time. Of course, this happened to be the plane ride where taking out her headphones led to a great opportunity for her and her business. 

      As she sat next to Greg Landers, Managing Director of Cbiz, they built a business relationship that ultimately led Greg to ask Breanne to be his right hand person. Brennane had built a very foundational practice in the interim with 3 employees and approximately $500k in revenue. 

      After ironing out some M&A-like details, Brenanne joined the Cbiz team as their Director of CAAS and set the table for our conversation today. 

      What is CAAS? 

      According to Cbiz’s website, Breanne helps clients assess and automate, to the extent reasonable, all outsourced transactional accounting for their business. More specifically, CAAS is a new way for outsourced business in accounting. It is essentially a full service model to help businesses in areas such as: 

          • Cash Flow Management

          • Financial Statement Preparation

          • Controllership

          • Business Advisory 

          • Bookkeeping 

        As we have often learned from guests on our show, firms are beginning to look for deeper help in all areas of business. The days of bookkeeping and transaction based services are nearing their end. Clients want a full range of services that support their growth and sustainability. And who better to understand the tax law than accounting professionals themselves. 

        Breanne and David discuss the rise of CAAS ideology. Starting 4-5 years ago, and receiving some influence due to the virtual implications that COVID created, CAAS became an efficient model to drive business results. Breanne shares that businesses no longer have to rely on their internal accounting department(s) to advise. The outsourcing of advisory services, allows experts (Cbiz) to contribute in a way that helps each area of the business focus on what they’re best at. 

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